Little Singer Kulfi 30 January 2023, Monday Pt1: Episode 265


The episode started with Ama seeing the kids missing on the stage, the kids saw her walk towards them and hid. Amyra said dad one thing is missing, everything is incomplete without you, your song will make this party the best. Ama said these kids don’t deserve to be taken away, Rajan said they must be somewhere here.

the guard had seen them escape, everyone disguiseded themselves in a costume, Sikander was on stage to sing a dedicating song to amyra. Ama came in front of kids and they got scared, Ama didn’t recognize them and left, Sikander started singing, Kulfi heard his voice, she got out of her costume and said baba, Sikander memorizes the time when Amyra came into his life and till date, while singing the song, Kulfi rushed looking for him.

Everyone got out happy and said we are free, away from Ama, Bansi said kulfi isn’t here. Kulfi saw Sikander rushed towards him, Ama came in front of her and stopped her, Kulfi was about to shout baba, Ama stopped her and took her away. Sikander asked Amyra did she like the song.

he saw Ama and followed her but lost her, all the kids were caught and placed in the van by Ama, Sikander said I felt like Kulfi called me, Amyra walked to Sikander and said it’s the world’s best party,one last thing, Sikander said there’s nothing like last, we both are going to be together in life for long, what do you want from dad, Amyra said come with me.

Ama scolded the kids and said where would you run to, I know where you stay too, Rajan increase the security and these kids won’t sleep, they will clean the whole kitchen and bake fresh breads all night. Amyra gathered the whole family and said dad, I never could learn music because I was a very silly girl.

Sikander said don’t speak like this, Amyra said I understand now, what you always tried to tell me, I am now ready to sing and practice, will you be my singing teacher, Sikander said yes, Amyra said I want to participate in this singing completely and I promise I will be a good girl. Kulfi remembered how close she was to Sikander and started crying.

Vaishali said when will we escape, Kulfi said why did you come back, rocket said how could we leave you alone, Kulfi said I saw my father and Vaishali calmed her down.

Kulfi thanked everyone for not leaving her alone and Vaishali hugged her. Kulfi then saw a singing competition pamphlet in the newspaper stack. Sikander asked Amyra to stop crying and said you brought happiness in our lives when you were born and today you made me proud, Amyra said I want to win this competition, will you teach me.

Sikander said of course I will and I am so proud of you. Kulfi asked Vaishali what is it, Vaishali said little star singing competition for kids, if you were out of here your Baba would have allowed you to participate there. Kulfi said yes I want to go to Baba, Zinda said yes we will, rocket said security has been increased how we will.

Kulfi remembered Sikander’s lesson that hope is very important, it gives you motivation to move towards your goals and explains it with a balloon, Kulfi said we will find our way, we will fly.

Precap : Sikander said Amyra, you will sing, Amyra was practicing but got sick. The Kids were discussing about making a parachute…Read more

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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