Little Singer Kulfi 30 January 2023, Monday Pt2: Episode 266


The episode started with Kulfi saying, we will fly, can’t we make something like flying lantern, Vaishali said it’s not possible, Kulfi said I will fly and find a way for us to escape, come let’s think, Vaishali said I have an idea, we can fly in an hot air balloon, I read about in a book in the library and the kids went to library.

They started looking for it and Vaishali found it. The Kids got into the kitchen and started discussing about making a hot air balloon and started making calculations, Zinda said there are two many bed sheets in the basement, we will make use of it and also bed sheets and bed covers.

Rocket asked how will we stitch so many bed sheets, Kulfi said why be negative, we will give it a try and more importantly we are all together. Amyra forced to begin practicing, Sikander said not today, you are tired but Amyra kept forcing and Sikander finally agreed.

Amyra touched his feet before practice and said you are my dad but my teacher from today and Sikander hugs her, Sikander and Amyra begun their practice. Amyra was very excited and said I will work very hard, Sikander remembers how stubborn and spoilt Amyra used to behave, he remembered his practice sessions with kulfi and thinks my music is incomplete without you,so am I.

The guards asked the kids what are they doing with bed sheets, Zinda said Ama loves cleanliness and so she ordered us to clean, do you want us to go against her, he got scared and said go, go please. Sikander and Amyra were practice singing, Amyra tried singing alone but choked herself.

Sikander got water and asked Lovely to call the doctor. Vaishali made arrangement for the stitching. The doctor told Sikander that Amyra is week and she shouldn’t sing now. Ama got to the kitchen and asked where are186 and 404, Zinda said cleaning the rooms, Kulfi and Vaishali acted as if cleaning when Ama entered and get to the bed sheet stitching when she left.

Sikander said for the first time Amyra asked me for something, Amyra called Sikander and said don’t worry, I am fine, when will we practice next. Ama asked the kids, where are 220 and 666,why is someone missing all the time, speak 186,Kulfi said if we all work here.

who will clean the other rooms, so we divided the rooms, Ama found it fishy, she went to the kitchen and said let them think I didn’t get a clue but will catch them red handed.

Amyra said mom, my wish won’t it be fulfilled, Sikander said Amyra will sing.

Pre cap : Ama slowly approached towards the room while the kids were busy stitching…Read more

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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