Kulfi Leaves Sikander For Good. Little Singer Kulfi 30 March 2023, Thursday Pt1: Episode 351


The episode began with Sikander going to Kulfi and saying, listen to me kid, try and understand that the truth is different, trust me I am your father, even I was angry when I learnt about this truth, it’s our pain. Kulfi said, I never knew about the truth, everyone knew the truth but never told me, I talked to the stars, cried, everyone saw me cry but no one told me the truth, all of you are liars.

Ma I am so sorry, I was with them all the time but you said nothing, I was with the people who killed my mother, they all lied to me, no one cares about you here, I was so happy with the people who killed my mother, you aren’t with me, I want you Ma. Sikander said, listen…. Kulfi cuts in and said, if my Ma was alive, all this would never have happened, I would have been happy with her in chiroli.

Ma and Amyra were right, you are a liar, helpless and will always will be, why can’t you take a stand, why do I always have to go through this? Sikander responded, this is how I am, everyone gets upset and sad with me, just punish me. Kulfi then walked away very angry, she saw Gunjan and Mahender who asked her what was wrong. Lovely also saw kulfi and asked her what was wrong.

Kulfi remembered Nimrat’s last moments and was in shock and she pushed lovely away. Mahender asked Sikander what he said to Kulfi that made her so scared? Lovely asked him to wait so they resolve the issue and not complicate matters. Sikander shouted, enough of the fighting, you guys have no idea what happened, I don’t know how but she found out that Nimrat died in a car accident which was caused by lovely and we all hid that from her. Lovely then remembered the accident.

Kulfi went to her room and said all this is a lie, mom I should have trusted you, I wish I had never met Sikander. Gunjan said, lovely should be sent to jail. Lovely responded, it was an accident and you all hid the truth, so you will be jailed too. Sikander said, stop it you two, she is scared, she lost faith in us like Amyra once did. Mahender said Sikander is right and Sikander said, we should apologize to her.

Sikander saw his gifted bracelet to kulfi on the floor and started crying, he asked kulfi to open the door and that everyone is there to talk to her and tell the truth and explain the situation to her. Mahender said, kulfi open the door. Jonny walked to them and Sikander found a note on him, where kulfi wrote, thank you, you gave me shelter, I could never repay for this. Sikander started looking for kulfi while Kulfi was alone in the streets.

Sikander and Mahender were looking for kulfi everywhere and Sikander said, god why does she always have to bear so much, lovely was on a call asking everyone to look for kulfi. Amyra walked to lovely and said, I know what happened, you looking for kulfi, she is doing all this to get dads attention, I did the same thing too, you want to get her back, go find her and adopt her, I don’t want anything not even you.

Kulfi said, Ma I don’t want to stay with those people, she heard a bus going to chintpurni and said, I remember mama said this bus can go chiroli, she asked the driver can he drop her and he said, come sit in. Sikander came to the bus station but didn’t find kulfi.

Pre cap : A man asked kulfi why she was crying and he consoled kulfi…Read more

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