Kulfi Goes To Consult An Oracle. Little Singer Kulfi 30 May 2023, Tuesday Pt2: Episode 435


The episode began with Kulfi seeing the photo with Himmat. Himmat told Kulfi about the importance of the place and Kulfi asked, can we find answers to all the question? Himmat replied yes. Kulfi said, I had a similar photo but I lost it and Himmat said, it is yours and Kulfi became excited. Himmat asked Kulfi to accompany with her and Kulfi asked, is it far?

Himmat replied, it is between Pakistan and India. Kulfi said, how can I go to such a far place. Sikander said, Kulfi and Amyra I need to talk to you, let’s go. Sikander gave them chocolates and water park tickets.

Kulfi found a radio in her gift and she became very excited. Kulfi and Amyra then thanked him. Sikander said, yesterday I just wanted to teach you not to let anything influence you to make you lose focus, always think first. So, today’s lesson is, I will leave you at some place, you will have to find your way and come back home.

Amyra said, this will be so dangerous. Kulfi asked, why are you teaching us all this? Sikander replied, you have to pass this, this is just to make you independent, don’t you trust me. Kulfi responded, I do but just tell me. Sikander said, why do I have to explain myself to you, anyways do as I say. Kulfi said, we will but we want the truth. Sikander said, so you will argue with me, is that what I taught, do as I say. Kulfi said, I will find out the truth and she followed Sikander.

The doctor asked Sikander how he was feeling and he replied, I feel terrible but what I have on my mind is Kulfi and Amyra. Kulfi saw them talking. Sikander asked, any update on the appointment? She replied, I am trying but the waiting list is long, have some prasad, I went to the temple earlier to pray for my patients.

Sikander said, I don’t need blessings, I need time. kulfi lost sight of Sikander and was thinking, why did baba say he needs time, how will I find the answer to this that’s where she decided to go to kartarpura.
Himmat was teaching Matka, Kulfi handed Himmat her passport and said, I will accompany you to Kartarpur.

Sikander and Raju came back home, Kulfi rushed home and said, I need to talk but Sikander said, we will do that later. Kulfi said, I am going Kartarpur with Himmat Aunty for blessings. Sikander said, you aren’t going anywhere and he began thinking, what if he has dies and she isn’t around.

He then said, you will stay with me. Kulfi said, if you are not willing to answer me then god will. Sikander thinks, Kulfi what will I do, I can’t let you go away from me. Kulfi said, if you will not let me go, answer me then. Himmat asked, what’s wrong? Sikander replied, Pakistan is far away.

Himmat said, she will be going with me, let her spend 3 to 4 days with me, she has been with you all her life, let her go, look at how excited she is. Sikander thinks, no one knows what is happening.
Kulfi requested Sikander to allow her go but Sikander locked her inside the room. Kulfi kept requesting, Himmat and Amyra went to Sikander and asked, what are you doing? Sikander replied, no one opens the door, Amyra you will sleep at Himmat’s place today.

Himmat was leaving for Kartarpur and Sikander thinks, you are doing wrong with the world, don’t do this to your girls, I shouldn’t misbehave with my girls, I have less time with them, I locked her all night. Kulfi was in tears and angry when she saw Himmat leaving. Sikander made Pinni for Kulfi, took it to her and said, I know you are mad at me but I can’t live without you, please understand. He went inside the room but no one was inside.

Pre cap : Kulfi left for Kartarpur…Read more

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