Kulfi Fights Against David. Little Singer Kulfi 30 September 2022, Friday Pt1: Episode 98


The episode started with Sikander arriving at David’s house with Jonny,Rose and Peter were trying to get rid of the locks, Johnny started barking and Sikander said even you felt it right Jonny,i know Kulfi is here, Sikander asked Johnny to keep quiet, he saw some kids and walked to them thinking they might have some info about Kulfi or David.

Rose and Peter became scared and run away,David was hiding and saw Sikander, Sikander said Kulfi wait for me i will get you out of here, David called the police station and said someone is trying to get into my house illegally,Rose and Peter told Kulfi what happened.

Kulfi said that must be Sikander sir and Jonny,Peter said what now,how will we help,Rose said, we will go to church and pray for you, now we have to go,we have to go and practice to sing in church tomorrow,Kulfi said okay bye,no wait, i can help you and Peter asked how.

Sikander explained to the Inspector that even Jonny has realized Kulfi was in the house,please believe me,she said look, i respect you a lot,please don’t do this. Sikander remembered Kulfi said to him that she trusts him more than anything,Sikander said to the Inspector, Kulfi isn’t alone, i won’t leave her alone, i will go there, do whatever you want to.

Kulfi sang for Rose and Peter. Peter said this isn’t prayer but Kulfi said, at least hear me,this song talks about how the kid was upset with God for not being with him,Rose said let him sing and Kulfi continued, David then entered the room and Kulfi stopped singing.

Peter asked what’s wrong, David said Rose, Peter, leave or else i will complain to your parents,Rose and Peter then left,David said, i told you to keep quiet and your name isn’t Kulfi, it’s Joshua,he was about to hit Kulfi but she run away and locked herself,David said open the door, you will be punished less but Kulfi didn’t, David broke the door and said be ready for the punishment.

Lovely said Sikander, come back and look, even Jonny isn’t having food, your recordings are waiting and you have a daughter too, Sikander said i will come back only with Kulfi. Lovely said god, i wished Sikander wouldn’t have so much of kulfi then Amyra would never be jealous and take this step.

David showed Kulfi the stick and said i told you not to make your dad angry ,Kulfi hid her hands,David said Joshua, show me your hands, he pulled her hand and hits her,Kulfi said i am Kulfi, and i am not your kid, don’t you understand, David said all i know is you are Joshwa and pulled her hand,Kulfi shouted,Susan called David and said why are you shouting at Joshwa, David rushed to her and said he is perfectly fine.

Minti walked to Lovely and said, help me choose a correct diamond ring,i know we are fighting but for today please help me choose a ring,i want it to be perfect,Lovely asked what all is this,Minti said i am getting engaged to Tevar tomorrow and i am so excited, soon i will be married too.

Sikander was Keeping an eye on Davids house,he walked towards the door, David was opening the door and heard footsteps and slowly checked who it is, Sikander saw him also and hid. David saw Sikander close and closed the door.

Kulfi said God it’s hurting,why are you punishing me, Sikander said where are you, Kulfi? Give me some sign.David said i have to do something, he won’t let me, Susan and Joshua live in peace. David said I will sell this house, i am going tobthe village tomorrow and I want payment in cash.

Pre cap : Kulfi told Susan the truth and said help me,i am a girl,i am not your Joshua,David uncle kidnapped me.Kulfi was hiding near the door, David said Susan i have set everything we are going with our Joshua, Susan said yes we will and Kulfi became surprised…Read more

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