Sikander Spies On David. Little Singer Kulfi 30 September 2022, Friday Pt2: Episode 99


The episode started with Susan calling Kulfi as Joshua, Kulfi said no i am Kulfi,aunty i am not Joshua,David uncle kidnapped me,and he called me as a boy but i can never be because i am a girl and i am just telling you because it was my Mama’s promise, please help me and talk to David uncle,Kulfi heard David footsteps and hid.

David said Susan all is set we will leave tomorrow,Susan said okay we will leave,Kulfi said why is she doing this, i can’t separate from Sikander sir, Sikander was waiting for a sign from Kulfi.

Lovely went to see Tevar,Tevar said i knew you will come to see me, Tevar unwrapped the scarf covering her face, Lovely said why are you doing this to Minti, she is my best friend,Tevar said is it Minti or us,just say yes and i will manage everything.

look i understand your every sign but want to hear it from you, Lovely said leave or i shall shout,Tevar said you are here for me and it will spoil your reputation, Lovely covered her face and left,Cutie saw Lovely in the corridor

Sikander fell asleep in the car,Rose and Peter saw David packing,he picked up sleeping Kulfi and put it in the car, Susan said David, i want to go to church before we leave,he said sure we will. kulfi woke up when the car started and asked where are we going, i don’t want to go anywhere,David said quite not a word, you very well know your dad gets angry, Sikander woke up and unaware that Kulfi had left.

Sikander heard Rose and Peter singing Kulfi’s song and rushed to them, he said please don’t be scared, who taught you this song,Peter said we don’t talk to unknown people, Sikander said i am not, please tell me about this song,Rose asked are you Kulfis Sikander sir, he is waiting for you, Sikander asked where is he,Peter said they went towards the church with luggage, Sikander thanked them and left.

David covered Kulfi’s head with a cap, and tied her hand to Susan’s wheelchair and said we are going to pray no noise here, Kulfi said God do something, Sikander arrived at the church saw David’s car and asked for a sardar kid but got no information, David light’s the candle, Kulfi saw people around and thinks if i shout.

i am kidnapped, may be i can find help, come on shout, An aunty came near Susan and greeted her and said i pray daily for you, Kulfi thinks if i shout she will be left alone, what will i do now,but i want to go near Sikander Sir help me.

Sikander entered the church and started looking for Kulfi, unaware Kulfi was standing ahead of him, he prays to God to help him find Kulfi,David then saw Sikander and before Sikander opened his eyes, David left with Susan and Kulfi and hid.David released Kulfi’s hand and took her away, David locked kulfi in the confession box, kulfi banged the door and asked to let her out.

Pre cap : Kulfi shouted Sikander and run to him,a car then hit her

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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