Kulfi Falls Into A River. Little Singer Kulfi 31 May 2023, Wednesday Pt1: Episode 436


The episode began with Sikander looking for Kulfi and asked Amyra, did she see her? Amyra replied no, I haven’t seen her. He then asked everyone in the chawl to look for Kulfi. Sandy said, I saw Kulfi near the donation center and Sikander concluded, it means Kulfi left with Himmat, she definitely hid in one of the ruck sacks.

Truly Kulfi was hiding in a ruck sack. Sikander called Himmat, Himmat on the other hand was so excited about her trip that she didn’t realize her phone was ringing. Sandy told Sikander the location where the taxi will stop and Sikander said, I have to get Kulfi, he hurried away and went to the bus stand.

Amyra said, why did Kulfi leave me alone, now I have to do all the house chores all by myself, help dad and take care of him as well. Sikander checked for which bus Himmat was travelling in, he tracked the bus and began looking for Kulfi and Himmat. He found some ruck sacks and opened them but found nothing it. He was then told that the bus for Amritpals had already left and that the one he was checking was a different bus and he passed out.

Himmat gave some kids samosa but the kids placed it aside. Kulfi slowly pulled it, hid it back and began eating. The kids upon seeing that the samosa was gone, they began fighting amongst themselves. Himmat asked them to stop fighting saying, we are just three here, who might have taken your samosa. She noticed the ruck sack was moving, she opened it and found kulfi in there and asked, what are you doing here?

Kulfi replied, don’t get angry. Himmat said, what you did is wrong. Kulfi said, I wanted to come, so I had to do this, please understand, I need to resolve my problems. Himmat said, I understand but Sikander must be very worried, he should know you are fine, she then saw Sikander’s missed calls and said, look how worried he is.

Himmat called Sikander and told him, kulfi is with me, don’t worry. The naughty kid followed me here. Sikander said, tell me where you are and I will come pick her. Himmat said, we are too far away, let her be with me, don’t stop her. Sikander said, let me talk to her. Kulfi refused to take the phone saying, he will scold me. Sikander asked, she won’t let me talk to her? Kulfi replied, I will. Himmat asked Sikander promise her he won’t scold Kulfi and Sikander said, I promise. Kulfi took the phone and said yes, Baba.

Sikander said kiddo, come back to me. Kulfi asked, why do you want to stop me. Sikander thinks, I
am scared that you wouldn’t be around me in my last times. Kulfi said, you promised you won’t scold me, I promise I will get back to you soon. Sikander said, okay but keep calling me. Kulfi said, thank you, I love you.

Sikander said, when Nimrat passed away, Kulfi was praying for her life, when she came back, Nimrat was no more, God don’t do this to her this time, do what you want with me not my kiddo, don’t break her hope and trust, Sikander then passed out.

Himmat said to kulfi, cheer up now, don’t cry. Kulfi said, baba sounded very low on the phone. Himmat said, don’t worry you went missing so he was worried. The doctor told Sikander that it will be advisable to share his health condition with his family, his condition isn’t good at all. Sikander asked, how will I do that when Kulfi isn’t around. The doctor said, don’t worry, God will make everything fine, for now tell Amyra, she should know the truth. This is emergency tablet, have it whenever there a sudden incidence.

Kulfi asked Himmat, how do we find answers at kartarpur gurudwara? Himmat explained to her saying, you pray at the temple while reading Granth, when you do so, you will find your answer. Kulfi said, I want to get there as soon as possible.

Precap : Kulfi woke up and found the bus moving without a driver and the bus met with an accident. The whole incident was just Sikander having a bad dream…Read more

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