Little Singer Kulfi 31 May 2023, Wednesday Pt2: Episode 437


The episode began with Himmat asking Kulfi to sing in the name of God, they all insisted that Kulfi sing and she began singing. Sikander was thinking, should he talk to Amyra or wait for Kulfi to come. He saw Lovely in the chawl with Amyra and be became surpised. Amyra said, look mom is back.

Lovely said, they let me go for good behaviour, look in the paper, it’s all written there, I wanted to surprise you. Sikander said, I don’t know what to say. Amyra said, I am so happy we are back as a family. Sikander thinks, Amyra has lovely now what about Kulfi, Lovely doesn’t like her, what if kulfi becomes lonely again.

Kulfi’s bus came to a stop, she had fallen asleep, Himmat allowed her to sleep and got down. The driver got off the driver’s seat and the bus started moving, a kid pointed that the bus was moving and Himmat shouted, my Kulfi is inside. Kulfi woke up and saw the bus moving ahead without a driver, everyone was running after the bus, kulfi began shouting for help, the bus then fell off a bridge went into the river. Sikander then woke up suddenly from his dream, sacred.

He became uneasy in the house and was trying to calm himself down, he tried callingcall Himmat but was unable to reach her, he looked at sky and said, Nimrat I am missing Kulfi, I don’t trust God but I trust you, before I come to you, I want to see her, I think she is facing some problem, if that is so, then pelase take care of her.

The rescuers informed everyone that they were unable to find Kulfi. Kulfi was lying on a wooden log, she woke up and tried to figure out where she was. A man was singing and walking along with his two blind kids. Kulfi got to Pakistan, she was feeling thirsty and dizzy so she passed out and the man saw her.

Lovely went to Sikander and said relax, I know nothing is on track but I will make sure I get everything back on track, I have done that before. Sikander said, I am worried for kulfi. Lovely said, forget about the past and look at the bright future, just trust me, everything will be fine. Sikander thinks, one tension is out, Lovely is here, she will take care of Amyra.
The singer took kulfi and left asking for help. Sikander was still trying to reach Himmat when Amyra came to him and said, dad don’t worry, when kulfi comes back home, we will trouble her together. Sikander thinks, what if this is the last time I am seeing Amyra, he hugged her and said, take care. Amyra asked, what happened? Sikander said, go inside and settle things with your mom.

Pre cap : The singer told Kulfi that she was in Pakistan and she became excited…Read more

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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