Kulfi & Amyra Teams Up On Stage. Little Singer Kulfi 31 October 2022, Monday : Episode 136


The Episode started with Sikandar asking Amyra to always stay happy. She told him how Tevar cheated today. He told her that one who cheats always loses and placed her to sleep. He then worried for Lovely asked Lovely to take care of her health. She wants her life to be stable and peaceful. She asked him if he was able find out about Tevar. He told her that he couldn’t find any solid lead. She became happy and wished that the Lord supports her.

Sikandar rushed to meet the inspector to gain some information. He met Kulfi and her cow. She told him that Tevar has gotten her a cow from her village. Sikandar asked her if she is sure. Kulfi told him that he is everything for her. They then had an emotional moment once again.

She found Amyra coming and asked him not to upset with Amyra and hid from Amyra. She told him that she doesn’t want Amyra to get angry and feel bad and he blessed her. Kulfi hid her face from Amyra and told her that she is just keeping Amyra’s wish. Kulfi the performed a dance. She wanted to explain to Amyra that she is her well wisher.

Amyra found Kulfi’s poor dancing skills and told her that she can teach her. Tevar asked Kulfi not to take any stress if she doesn’t know how to dance. He asked her to dance as she wants. Kulfi became happy oseeing Amyra. Kulfi asked Amyra to perform instead of her and Tevar found Kulfi stupid. Amyra got into a fight with her friends.

Amyra performed on the stage. Sikandar became happy that Amyra was trying something on her own. Amyra’s friend flopped her performance in anger, but Kulfi learnt it and run to help Amyra. Sikandar and Lovely looked for the pendrive to play the song again and they found the pendrive broken. Kulfi sang the song and helped Amyra complete her performance.

Kulfi and Amyra then teamed up against their friends and won. Sikandar felt blessed to have Kulfi around. He connected with her pain and hugged her. Amyra became upset with Sikandar’s emotional outburst for Kulfi and her happiness got short-lived.

Sikandar felt indebted to Kulfi. Lovely told Amyra that she is proud of her. Tevar told Amyra that Kulfi sung the song and helped her. He asked Amyra not to be jealous of Kulfi but instead be grateful to her. Sikandar hugged Amyra and complimented her dance performance. Amyra took Kulfi’s advice and thanked her and Kulfi took blessings from everyone. Kulfi was happy when Amyra thanked her. Amyra learnt about her friend’s mischief.

Kulfi told Amyra how their friends broke the pendrive. Amyra scolded her friends for falling so low. Kulfi refused to have such friends and their friends made fun of them. Amyra and Kulfi went together and taught them a lesson. Sikandar didn’t get any information about the phone number,he asked to sing a song with Kulfi.

He didn’t want to upset Lovely and Amyra. Kulfi and Amyra became friendly. Amyra told her that they have to practice a lot in order to win the competition. Kulfi became happy that she got a chance to sing with Sikandar. Sikandar refused to sing and kept Amyra’s heart at peace. Amyra turned happy with his decision. Tevar asked Kulfi to open her eyes and see Sikandar’s move, he refused to sing with her.

Kulfi didn’t think Sikandar has done anything wrong. Amyra told Sikandar that Kulfi and she have made a team to win. She asked him if he wants to sing a song with Kulfi. Kulfi defended Sikandar. Tevar told her that Sikandar loves Amyra more than her. She told him that even he loves her more, it’s natural for a father to love his daughter more than anyone else.

Sikandar told Amyra that they have done wrong with Kulfi, but till Amyra permits, he won’t sing with Kulfi. Amyra asked him to sing with Kulfi, but always love her more. Sikandar liked the change in Amyra and felt proud of her but Lovely didn’t want Amyra to share Sikandar with Kulfi.

She thinks Amyra will ask Sikandar to get Kulfi back home. Sikandar met Tevar and Kulfi, and told them his decision of singing with Kulfi. Kulfi was happy to sing with him but Tevar became jealous of their bonding.

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