Kulfi’s Mother Meets With Accident. Little Singer Kulfi 4 August 2022, Thursday Pt1: Episode 17



The episode started with Nimrat thinking about sikander taking kulfi away, she woke up and left the room from the back door, Sitara,Setu and Nihalo were arguing,so they didn’t realise it, Setu turned around and started looking for her.
Nimrat injured her leg but kept walking calling for kulfi, Nihalo said first daughter missing,now the mother,setu left looking for Nimrat, Nimrat kept walking on the roads looking for kulfi, Nihalo saw nimrats foot prints but diverted setu and said,she went in that direction.

Sikander asked, where have we gotten to, the organizer said chiroli,this reminds sikander of Nimrat,kulfi was running and said I have to get to Ma, Ma don’t worry I am coming to you, Sikander said Nimrat, I wish I could see you again,kulfi asked for help but no car stopped to help her,she said I have to keep running come what may, Sikander saw a temple on his way and remembered marrying Nimrat there and was singing with here.

Sikander remembered a past: Nimrat asked, what if you don’t return?” Sikander said, how is that possible, I can’t live without you and hugged her.

Sikander said I am sorry nimart. Nimart was running saying you can’t take kulfi away from me, she is mine,she came ahead of sikander’s car and they saw each other, Sikander smiled and said nimart,he then fainted, Nimrat also started feeling giddy too and said kulfi, where is my kulfi,they thought Nimrat was some mad women, Nimrat saw sikander and called his name, Sikander opened his eyes and looked at her, Nimrat said I knew you will come back, Sikander said these dreams,I wish this dream never breaks, Nimrat said kulfi,the organizer then said quick let’s leave and Nimrat fainted.

Nimart picked herself up and imagined that kulfi was in that car with sikander and waving at her,she then started following the car.

Lovely and minti were in a car, the driver said, pathankot is still one hour away and lovely said stop.kulfi stopped a man and said please help me, I need to take this money to my mother she is in hospital,he said come sit and they left

The Organisers saw Nimrat following and think she is a fan.lovely started driving, sped up and hits Nimrat. Sikander asked him to stop the car as he feels something.

Lovely asked minti to keep quiet. The organizer asked, what’s wrong, Sikander said I heard someone shout that somebody met with an accident,he was about to get out of the car but the organizer said stop, Sikander said, I have already left a person not now,he said please sir get in, don’t worry the person will be taken to the hospital and
Sikander got in the car.

Lovely got down the car, she saw Nimrat and was shocked and walked to her.
Kulfi saw lightning and said oh God you taking pictures of,oh don’t, not now, I will snap with my mom, uncle please quickly.
The Driver said, we need to take her to hospital.

Precap :
kulfi was singing as she was on her way to the hospital…Read more