Kulfi Loses Her Mother. Little Singer Kulfi 4 August 2022, Thursday Pt2: Episode 18



The episode started with Lovely asking everyone to get in the car,if someone sees us, Minti said how can you lovely,The driver said, be scared of God,lovely said you are the driver, if we get caught, you killed this lady, so get in the car and let’s leave, Nihalo was running towards Nimrat,they all got in the car and left.

Nihalo saw Nimrat,setu and Sitara got there too,setu saw Nimrat and was in shock,the villagers arrived there too, Setu said Nimrat, you can’t leave kulfi and go, Nihalo thinks, I am so thankful for this accident, she is finally dead,i feel like dancing but I have to act and started crying. Nimrat was dead, Setu said stop this act, I know you must be very happy, Nihalo said it’s not my fault, Setu said what will I tell kulfi, her mother is no more?

Kulfi was singing and experessing her love towards Nimrat, she was happy she was able to gather money,she then recalled their happy moments. Setu lifted Nimrat and started walking, Nihalo and Sitara followed. Minti said lovely, what if she is dead,lovely said shut up,drive towards Chandigarh, you will come with us to Mumbai, I will give you a job and money but you need to be quite about this,he asked but sikander Sir,lovely said to hell with him,it’s because of him that I have to see this day.

Kulfi was running calling for Nimrat, she was very happy and was on the same road Nimrat had an accident.

Dadi said I don’t know why I feel so weird, gunjan said sikander will be back calm down, Sikander was brought injured and dadi asked, what happened, he has high fever,cutie asked where is lovely,where did you leave her, Sikander said I left her,cutie said my daughter is missing, if something goes wrong with her it won’t be good for you.

The Kids asked, where is kulfi, what will happen when she finds out aunt is no more. Kulfi was running towards the hospital saying Ma I got the money, Nihalo said, it looks like kulfi won’t return, let’s burn her, God knows what illness killed her, Setu said for Christ sake, please be quite, everyone here listen, Nimrat won’t go until kulfi comes back.

Kulfi said here’s the money nurse,she said your Ma left,kulfi said oh she is well now, Setu walked to kulfi and asked where from this money,kulfi said I worked hard for this money,I performed jagrata in the temple, now Ma will be treated well, she will never have any problem, Setu said she will never have problem now,kulfi said really, I am so happy let me go see Ma.

Kulfi run and Setu followed her,kulfi saw a dupatta store and said uncle I brought this money for my Ma but she is alright now and so take some money and give this dupatta for my Ma, Ma will be so happy to see this and run towards the house with Setu still following her.

Sikander was about to be given an injection but Amyra said stop,who allowed you to give my dad injection,the doctor said let me, Amyra said, no one will touch my dad, cutie said, doctor khana will treat him no one else,dadi said Amyra look, if we wait for khana,his health will be bad, Amyra said you are right ok but nothing should happen to my dad.

Cutie walked in and Amyra said please find mom ,I can’t handle so much stress, I
will have to eat chocolates like mom and will become fat like her and she left.

Kulfi was running towards home with Setu following her. Kulfi saw everyone and held Setu’s hand,she asked, why has Ma gathered the whole village? It must be because I was out all night and she must be so angry now,kulfi looked at Setu and asked, why are you so silent?

Kulfi walked through the crowd and asked who is lying there, where is my mom,the cover moved off and kulfi became shocked to see Nimrat. kulfi said, Ma wake up you can’t sleep on the floor, you don’t have fever anymore so wake up Ma,look I got money too for your treatment, Nihalo saw the money and was happy.

Kulfi said Ma you angry right? because I left without informing and was missing all night and sang too,then scold me, hit me but don’t keep quite,Ma wake up,bholi said your Ma is dead,kulfi said, don’t speak like this,she is sleeping,right mama ,and why are you crying, Setu said bholi is right, Nimrat left us. kulfi said Ma is here, where did she go,you need specs, Ma will not leave me and go.

Setu said she went to God’s house, it’s just her body here, Nimrat will never open her eyes and talk to you or scold you,kulfi said she will scold me but now she is very angry,now I will sing and she will scold me, Nihalo said stop this drama,can’t you see.

Pre cap : Sikander said to lovely, you killed Nimrat.
Kulfi sang for Nimrat asking her to wake up…Read more