Kulfi D!es & Comes Back To Life. Little Singer Kulfi 4 October 2022, Tuesday Pt2: Episode 103


The Episode started with Sikandar asking Kulfi to speak but Kulfi closed her eyes. He shouted doctor. The Doctor said it’s a miracle, she is fine. Sikandar said my child… Tevar stopped Lovely and she said what are you doing, someone might see us. Minty came and asked what’s happening. He said I am asking the same, your best friend is leaving without dancing in your engagement, so I stopped her and Minty smiled. Tevar said Amyra, we shall dance.

Amyra said I will play music. Lovely said we are going home but Amyra took her and turned on the tv,she then said dad is in the news. They became shocked seeing Sikandar rushing Kulfi to the hospital. The Reporter said who is Kulfi, he has written his name as her father and Lovely became shocked. Amyra said why did dad mention his name, he is just my dad and Lovely took her. Cutie looked at Tevar and said Guddu….

Sikandar was waiting outside, the Doctor came and said don’t worry, she is fine, she will gain consciousness in some time. Sikandar hugged the doctor and thanked her. Bebe and Mohander came with Lovely, Amyra and they asked for Kulfi. Sikandar said he is fine, I have seen my life’s worst day, when Kulfi stopped breathing, I felt I will also lose my breath, what bond do I share with him, I can’t understand, but I can’t live without him.

Mohendar hugged him and Bebe cried. Amyra said you are bleeding, it must be hurting. Sikandar said I am fine, don’t cry, this is Kulfi’s blood, he was hurt, I lifted him. She said no, you could have gotten hurt, I am angry at you and Kulfi, you risked your life to save him, you didn’t think for me and mom. He kissed her and said I love you both.

She said liar, if you cared for us, you would have answered mom’s calls, if that bad uncle harmed you then, you can’t love Kulfi more than me. He hugged Amyra and said you are my life, don’t say this, I love you a lot. She said I am going, I don’t want to hear this and Lovely said I will talk to her.

Cutie said everything that you own here, leave it behind and stay away from my daughter’s life. Tevar said you decided this for Lovely, I knew that you can’t give her hand to me, as I didn’t earn well, today I am Tevar, I still love her the same. She said but Lovely is a married woman now. He said yes, her husband doesn’t love her and Amyra.

She said he loves Amyra a lot. He asked what about Lovely, I can get anything for you, her marriage with Sikandar was a mistake. She said I am just Mrs. Chadda for you, don’t call me Cutie, I know Sikandar and Lovely got married against their will, marriage is marriage, they developed affection for each other.

Sikandar is such a gem of a person, where would we go if Sikandar didn’t accept Lovely, when she was pregnant, we don’t get options in such a state. He asked what state, what did you say, Lovely was pregnant when Sikandar married her, answer me. She asked didn’t you know this.

He recalled Lovely’s words and said where is our baby, tell me, Amyra….she is our daughter, right? Cutie became worried. He said tell me Cutie, fine Lovely will answer me now and he run away. Cutie said what have I done while saving Lovely’s marriage, if Tevar tells Sikandar that Amyra is his daughter…… Amyra said dad loves Kulfi more.

The Reporter asked the man to zoom in on Amyra’s tears. Tevar came there, took the camera and rolled. He scolded the reporter and asked her to leave. He hugged Amyra and asked her not to cry, beautiful girls don’t cry. He asked where is your mom and Lovely called Amyra. She saw Bebe and Mohendar crying. Bebe said I won’t break the fast till Kulfi gets conscious. He said you have some water, I can’t manage Sikandar alone.

Lovely said this family drama can never end, useless…. and she left. He said Bebe, I think we should tell the truth to Sikandar, that Kulfi is a girl. Sikandar said doctor, don’t punish Dr. Niyati, I forced her to do the surgery. The Doctor said Kulfi was lucky to get saved, Niyati did this against hospital policy, she will do night duty for one month and she smiled.

Sikandar thanked doctor. She said whatever happened was not about science, someone is protecting Kulfi, will you have a cup of coffee with me, Kulfi will need some time to get conscious and he agreed. Lovely said Amyra, if you tell everyone that you hate Kulfi, they will doubt you. Amyra said Kulfi would complain to dad, he will tell dad that I made that posters, my life will be over. Lovely said no, I promise you, I will tell Kulfi not to tell anyone. Amyra said Tevar is searching for you.

Lovely came to Kulfi, the nurse gave her the prescription and said your daughter will be fine. Lovely said he is not our son. The Nurse said Kulfi is not a boy, but a girl. Lovely asked what nonsense, he is a boy, he stays with us in our house, he is a Sikh boy. The Nurse said she is a girl, I was there in the OT and Lovely became shocked. Tevar said it’s enough Lovely, you have hidden the truth for long, today you have to tell me if Amyra is really my daughter.

Lovely said Kulfi is not a boy, but a girl and she recalled Kulfi’s words. She said she has been lying to us, why would she lie, who is this Kulfi, who is she, even Jagira didn’t tell properly where he got Kulfi, does Sikandar know this, no, if he knew, he would have told me this, I should tell this to him and went to Sikandar.

Sikandar saw Kulfi’s long hair. Tevar hugged Amyra and said your dad loves you a lot, you are my daughter and she became shocked. Sikandar asked Kulfi why did you go away from me, she lied that she is a boy…Read more

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