Nimrat’s Déáth Leaves Kulfi Heartbroken. Little Singer Kulfi 5 August 2022, Friday Pt1: Episode 19



The episode started with Kulfi singing and asking Nimrat to wake up, Setu walked to kulfi and hugged her but she pushed him and went back to Nimrat. Mohendar thanked the organisers for getting Sikander home safely, He said Sikander always helped us and is our duty to help him, Mohendar asked, why was he Injured. He said he was drunk driving and mohendar said that’s not good, I will talk to him about it.

Panditji said Nimrat is married, her husband should do funeral rituals, Setu said yes she is married but her husband left her and now kulfi will perform her rituals, Pandit said but kulfi is a girl, Setu said kulfi is her son and daughter, she is everything to her she never got as her wish when she was alive atleast let her have it when she is dead.

Kulfi was running away but Setu stopped her and said you have to do funeral rituals,kulfi said she will be in pain after burning her,why are you behaving so ruthless like mami,Mama you are so bad and she run away.

Setu walked to Nimrat and performed the rituals. kulfi was in the temple crying,she remembered a past scene where she was praying and was about to eat sweet, Nimrat said stop it and pray,kulfi said but your eyes where closed how did you find out.

Nimrat said I am your Ma,kulfi said ok you and God have peda I am leaving you, Nimrat said never say that again,this world is so big and it’s just us two in this world for each other.kulfi said promise me you won’t leave me and Nimrat said I promise.

Kulfi said Ma you broke your promise,why did you leave me and go, where did you go. Sikander was asleep,he then saw nimrat beside him and said I was thinking about you, Nimrat said you didn’t come so I am here,your wait killed me and Sikander woke up in shock. Nimrat said I am leaving behind something pre priceless than my life,please come, I have to show you,I can’t leave.

Sikander woke up and run out,he then said nimi you can’t leave me, you can’t die,he saw lovely and said you killed my nimi and lovely remembered the accident, Sikander asked, tell me where Nimrat is,Mohendar said calm down and there Sikander fainted and mohendar took him in.

Cutie walked to lovely and asked her why is she so scared, what’s wrong.
Kulfi was sitting alone thinking about the time spent with Nimrat,kulfi said you taught me everything but not how to live without you,how will I live now, Setu walked to kulfi said come let’s go home,kulfi said I am coming nowhere with you,you burnt my home.

Minti was going to tell cutie about the accident but lovely said someone met with an accident and so I am stressed chill, Amyra walked to her and said where were you, Dadi got some general doc,lovely hugged her but Amyra said leave me you are smelling,go have shower, then go to dad, he may be infected otherwise.

Fakirs was singing and walking in the village, Setu walked to kulfi again and sat beside her, he said, did you hear fakir sing why didn’t you run behind him,kulfi said Ma isn’t here to catch me and now I won’t sing.

Nihalo placed her hand over the diya and said I won’t take it off until kulfi call me Ma.lovely started breaking the music instruments, Sikander stopped her and lovely asked him, who is Nimrat..Read more