Kulfi Sees Nimrat Among The Stars. Little Singer Kulfi 5 August 2022, Friday Pt2: Episode 20



The episode started Kulfi’s saying Ma won’t come to catch me, Setu said look if you don’t wish to learn music don’t, but do you know what, he was singing,what he was singing is happening to your mom,kulfi said please explain, Setu said every person has to die,today we are living but someday or after some years some of us will die and someone will miss us and we should miss with love and happiness and sing.

Kulfi said no I can’t sing,I don’t feel like doing anything without Ma, Setu said my little princess,look at the sky your Ma has turned to a star now, Nimrat hasn’t left us alone she is up there in the sky,she can see us and you, God calls people he loves a lot,kulfi said that star shining the brightest is Ma, Setu said off course she is and you are not alone your mama your Ma your Baba is me now and will not leave you alone and kulfi hugged him.

Setu said come let’s go home, I am going out to perform the final rituals of the funeral, so listen to Mami and take good care of yourself. lovely was thinking about the accident and refused to eat,minti walked to her and said that’s it, we are no more friends,you have hidden such a big thing from me about Sikanders affair.lovely asked what,minti said about Nimrat, Sikander has fever and he kept talking about her, it’s serious and it’s so tacky,lovely said shut up, I have never heard anything for the past years,minti said come on, you don’t have conversations with him and he left for concert without telling you, that too in such a small town, so he is having an affair and it’s not just about you but Amyra too,so go find out who Nimrat is.

Kulfi got home,crying,she then took Nihalo as Nimrat and hugged her calling her Ma and said I knew you won’t leave me alone, now promise me you won’t leave me alone and go,kulfi saw it was Nihalo and said oh I thought it’s Ma and why are you wearing Ma’s clothes.

Nihalo talked sweet and said my princess, I am your Ma from today and hugged her,bholi, kaddu and tinda became shocked,kulfi saw Nimrat’s picture with garland and started crying. Nihalo said, Nimrat I never was a good sister in law but you were one and I wish you accept my apologies, she then placed her hand over the diya and said I won’t forgive myself till kulfi takes me as her mother.

Dadi asked mohendar when will Sikander gain conscious,he said calm down,the doctors are looking after him, Dadi said I will go see him and left,gunjan asked who is nimrat and why did he blame lovely for killing her,mohendar said what are you saying,gunjan asked is he having an affair, I mean he was so ill and he scolded lovely for her, she must not be a regular Woman.

Kulfi said Mami careful, Nihalo said you forgive me right,kulfi said yes, Nihalo said I am your Ma then,will you do as I say,kulfi said yes, Nihalo then hugged her and said come have food you must be hungry.

Dadi was with Sikander,lovely walked in and said please leave us alone, I want to talk to my husband, Dadi said he is unconscious,lovely said you guys never understand, get out I said.mohendar said Ma come let’s go, let them talk.lovely closed the door and woke Sikander
by throwing water over him and said open your eyes.

Lovely pulled him and said open your eyes, very good,now tell me who Nimrat is,answer me,what is your relation with her, Sikander had flashes of Nimrat. kulfi was not eating,tinda said kulfi has a habit of having food from her mothers hand, Nihalo walked in and said so her mother will give her food and the siblings starred at her.

Nihalo said why stare at me, she is my princess,she sang very bad and gave her food,this reminded kulfi of Nimrat, she started crying and left. Nihalo said wait and have food atleast.

Lovely said I knew you won’t open your mouth but I know how to and left,she went to Sikander’s music room and started breaking the instruments, Sikander heard the noise and run to the room and stopped lovely, lovely said then tell me who she is,answer me or the whole room will be shattered,tell me who that Women is.

Sikander said Nimrat was the woman I loved a lot.

Precap: Sitara gave Nihalo money and said I will take kulfi along with me only when she herself agrees to come with me and sing,kulfi said I won’t sing and Nihalo threatened her…Read more