Kulfi Comes Back To Life. Little Singer Kulfi 5 December 2022, Monday Pt1: Episode 186


The episode started with Sikander and Tevar with lighted camphor in their hand and Amyra and other society and family members praying for kulfis life,Kulfi was being operated on, Amyra was crying, lovely was present too, Kulfi’s heart beat stopped,the nurse said doctor Smita you tried your best.

Kulfi saw Ma and started following her,she found her and hugged her,she said I found you last time, you lied and sent me back,Nimrat said I didn’t lie,Kulfi said you said Sikander sir will take me to my real dad but he took me to Tevar, he loves me like a dad but isn’t my dad. Nimrat said come let’s play on swings,Kulfi said answer me,Nimrat said tell me, do you think your dad is a bad person,Kulfi said not at all,Nimrat said then you don’t need my help or anyone else’s.

Nimrat said remember I love you most because I can never come to see you like this anymore,Kulfi started crying and said how will I manage without you,Nimrat said stop crying,my face was covered but you still recognised me right similarly you will find your father when you follow your heart,Kulfi closed her eyes and Nimrat left.

Kulfi started breathing again,the doctor then started treating her again,the nurse informed everyone that the operation was successful and kulfi will be fine soon, her father can see her now,Sikander and Tevar rushed, Amyra felt bad seeing Sikander go,lovely looked at Amyra crying, Amyra then left.

Sikander and Tevar hugged the doctor and said thanks for saving our daughter,she said your daughter is a fighter,she is awake but weak, she needs rest now,Kulfi opened her eyes, she saw Sikander and Tevar together and smiled and asked if they patched up,Sikander said Tevar sorry, I really didn’t know it was your song,Tevar said I am sorry for questioning and doubting you,Sikander said enough, I found you two now, all will be fine,Kulfi said so all good right,Sikander and Tevar said very, very good.

Lovely was having chocolates to release stress, Amyra walked to her and said mom do something, dad found Tevar and kulfi, my life is over now,the bell rang and lovely run, Sikander entered with Kulfi and Tevar.

Tevar said please don’t, Lovely won’t like it,Sikander said it’s my house too and I want you two with me. Amyra got irritated and said he is my dad. Why is Kulfi here,she will take my dad away,Lovely said Amyra calm down breath,Amyra said please mom throw Kulfi out of this house.

Tevar said it’s all my fault,I shouldn’t have allowed you to nail it,Sikander said why didn’t you tell him,next time you won’t hide,Kulfi said okay but why am I staying in uncle’s room and not my old room,Sikander said because I take decisions,Lovely said of course I need you to take one more decision right away,Tevar said I will look after kulfi,you go.

Sikander said yes tell me,Lovely said come with me inside,lovely fell at Sikander’s feet and said you are a saint,sikander said enough of this drama,Lovely said exactly enough of this drama, you brought my ex in this house for a kid, that too,you could have at least spoken to me once,Sikander said because you never talk, you just order.

Lovely said at least you could have once given me that respect,Sikander said I wish but after all you did and yes it was for Amyra right,enough I don’t want to listen,Lovely said now listen, Sikander said listen they are staying here enough. Lovely said okay I’m going to tell Tevar that kulfi isn’t his daughter but Amyra.

Pre cap :
Tevar asked Sikander do you love Amyra? Sikander said she is my life,Tevar said then swear on her and tell me the truth, is Kulfi my daughter…Read more

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