Finally, Tevar Learns Kulfi Is Not His Daughter. Little Singer Kulfi 5 December 2022, Monday Pt2: Episode 187


The episode started with Sikandar stopping Lovely from revealing the truth to Tevar,she didn’t care for anything. She told Sikandar that she will give him the same thing, since he has risked everything by bringing Tevar home. She wants him to experience the same pain. She threatened Sikandar and asked him to throw out Tevar and Kulfi.

She told him that he would be responsible for the dire consequences. Amyra sheds tears thinking how her life is getting ruined. She thinks of talking to Tevar. She thinks of asking Tevar to leave from the house, along with Kulfi. She found Tevar with Kulfi and felt Tevar loves Kulfi a lot, just like Sikandar, she doesn’t want to lose Sikandar.

Sikandar felt helpless because of Lovely and lost his cool over the threatening. He decided to reveal the truth to Tevar and confessed his mistake too. Lovely informed her father Tony Chadda about Sikandar’s unpredictable deed to get Tevar home.

She told Tony to stop Sikandar and Tevar from breaking her family. Sikandar reached Tevar to tell the truth and ousts Amyra from Tevar. Amyra told Lovely that Sikandar has gone to speak to Tevar. Lovely feared that Sikandar will reveal the truth. She was just threatening Sikandar. She reached Sikandar and asked him not to say anything to Tevar. Tevar turned restless. Sikandar asked Lovely what’s her problem ad she asked him not to forget Amyra.

She asked him to value Amyra. Amyra got heartbroken that her parents were fighting. She wanted to speak to Kulfi and end the matter. Tevar faced Tony and Cutie and scolded them for breaking thier relationships. Tevar was proud that Sikandar is still his friend. He praised that Sikandar values people and heart, not money. Cutie then spoke ill about Lovely. Tevar confronted them about Lovely’s helplessness and Cutie took out her anger on Tevar. Tevar went away and then overheard Tony and Cutie’s conversation.

Later, Amyra met Kulfi and scolded her for initiating a fight between Lovely and Sikandar. Kulfi told her that she has no idea about it. She cried as Amyra blamed her for everything. Amyra told Kulfi to leave the house as she was not invited in the house and wants peace in her family. She told Kulfi how Lovely was upset with her coming to the house and requested Kulfi to leave. Tevar got a big shock finding out that Amyra was his daughter and not Kulfi.

His world changed completely. Tevar recollected Sikandar’s lie,he couldn’t believe that both Lovely and Sikandar cheated him. Kulfi broke down that Amyra asked them to leave from the house. She went to Tevar to tell him about Amyra.

Tevar wanted to seek answers from Sikandar first and didn’t listen to Kulfi. He met Sikandar and confronted him to tell the truth. He asked Sikandar to speak up, if Kulfi is his daughter or not. He made Sikandar swear on Amyra and admit the truth. Sikandar was in a big dilemma.

Precap :
Kulfi was walking on the corridor searching for Tevar , Sikandar came and kulfi asked sikandar about tevar. Sikandar hugged her and told her that Tevar is gone, Kulfi asked when he will come, Sikandar told her that he will not come and Kulfi became shocked…Read more

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