Kulfi Tracks Amyra’s Kidnappers. Little Singer Kulfi 5 May 2023, Friday Pt1: Episode 402


The episode began with Kalti creating a distraction and got to kulfi and they others. They hid near a drum set and heard people discuss about moving drums inside, they got in the drums and they drums were shifted into a room.

Sikander uneasily left CM’s house, he saw a man troubling a woman and went to help but ended up getting kidnapped. Kulfi and her friend’s saw the kidnapper and said, Amyra is somewhere around here, we are here but how will I get to her. Sikander was beaten and warned and asked to do as he is told.

The kidnapper had a call and he informed everyone that the work at that place was over and that it was time to shift to new a place. He took Amyra and they all left the place. Kulfi and her friends followed them. Kulfi asked Matka and the others to go home, if someone notices they are all missing, they will become worried.

Kulfi decided to follow Amyra and she got into the car dickey. Amyra said to the kidnapper, I want to see my dad and he said, you will see him soon, you like chocolate right, have them. Amyra started crying and missing Sikander. Kulfi thinks, you don’t know Amyra, don’t be scared I am with you.

Sikander’s kidnapper called CM and CM said, I was waiting for your call. Kulfi realized the car had stopped, she got off with great difficulty but saw no one in the car, she found out that she was at Mata ka Jagrata Competition. She saw Jimmy walking and hid. Sikander was also present there. Kulfi said, if Jimmy is here then Amyra is also here for sure but how will I go inside and what if someone sees me. She was mistaken for a back dancer and was given a costume, she became very happy.

Sikander scanned his finger and found the name Siddharth Sachdev. Kulfi got dressed as sardar and joined the other kids. Sikander said, these are wrong detail’s that’s not me. Someone whispered to him, just shut-up and get in, don’t forget you are here for a special task and he was pushed in.

CM’s assistant met Sikander and said, let’s head to the waiting room. Sikander thinks of telling her the truth so that she can tell CM and they can help him out of the conspiracy.

He tried to tell Meeta CM’s assistant but the guards got in and said, we will help him don’t worry. Kulfi got inside. Sikander was locked inside the room but he decided to jump down the window and get to hall to save Amyra.

Precap : Sikander got inside a room with Tony and Jimmy and he attacked Jimmy. Kulfi saw the kidnapper well dressed and she was surprised…Read more

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