Finally, Sikander Tells Tevar The Truth About Kulfi. Little Singer Kulfi 6 December 2022, Tuesday Pt1: Episode 188


The episode started with Tevar asking if kulfi is his daughter, Sikander then remembered lovelys words, Tevar said please tell me the truth, is Kulfi my daughter, Sikander said no. Kulfi was in tears said Jonny don’t follow me, i am a bad person, people who get close to me start having problems, dadi hugged her and said dare you think this way,you are a light of happiness.

kulfi said then why do i see sadness when i come to you all, dadi said everyone has their own happiness and sadness, kulfi said lovely doesn’t like me staying here, dadi said it’s not the thing, kulfi said then why didn’t she come to help us, Dadi said even i didn’t come because we didn’t know about it, Kulfi said she never talked to me like before,did i do something wrong, is she angry, dadi said stop thinking about all this go to sleep and get well,kulfi thinks dadi is just consoling me, i have to leave if lovely doesn’t like.

Kulfi was leaving and Jonny started barking, kulfi said sorry I can’t stay here, I have to talk to baba and leave. Tevar asked so Amyra is my daughter, Sikander said she is my daughter, Tevar said i heard tonny, Sikander said i know she is your blood but i raised her, she is my princess.

Tevar said because you kept her away from me, Sikander said i beg of you,don’t take her away from me, Tevar said lovely lied okay but you, Sikander said i learnt about truth later but then you were happy with kulfi and so i wanted us to stay together and tell the kids the truth when they grow up, Tevar said and who gave you the right to make the decision and what will you tell kulfi, that i am not her baba, Sikander said she knows the truth, she learnt it on diwali and so she was upset, she saw the love you had and then accepted you.

Sikander said, i know i made mistake by hiding the truth but don’t tell Amyra,she will break down, Amyra loves me a lot, i beg you please don’t and Tevar was leaving, Sikander tried to stop him, Tevar said i have to meet my daughter, Sikander said do meet her but don’t tell her the truth.

Amyra was crying in her room, Tevar walked in and closed the door, he hugged her and started crying, Amyra said am very sorry i said bad words to kulfi, Tevar said i will talk to her, Amyra said i was very angry, i know she is ill but when i see mom and dad fight because of her, i can’t control.

Tevar said stop crying don’t, Amyra said if you are my best friend please leave with her, i will give her everything but not my dad, i cant see my dad give her so much love, i can’t see that, i am his only princess, Tevar said don’t cry i will do all that,your dad loves you a lot, and he will do anything for you and he left.

Sikander was waiting outside, Tevar nodded, Sikander thanked him and he left.kulfi walked to Tevar, held his hand and walked away with him. Tevar asked what happened,kulfi said lovely doesn’t like us to stay here,even Amyra doesn’t like,they are fighting please let’s leave, Tevar said do you trust me, Kulfi said completely. Tevar said then smile, you said you trust me then all will be fine and kulfi hugged him.

Kulfi requested Tevar to sing, Tevar sang a song about father and daughter.Sikander was with Amyra and was thinking, i can feel your pain but this fear will always remain, what if you tell the truth and my Amyra goes away from me.

Pre cap : Kulfi saw setu in the temple and asked who is my father,he said it’s Sikander…Read more

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