Kulfi Challenges Amyra On Stage. Little Singer Kulfi 6 February 2023, Monday Pt2: Episode 276


The episode started with the Kids called for knock out round, Sikander said Amyra all the best and don’t be scared, Amyra said I will imagine you are with me and all will be fine and she left. Pandit argued with Mia for playing with the scores, Mia said I didn’t, it’s audiences decision, pandit said music is my life and this is just a show for you, Mia said sir we both have our jobs so let’s do it, pandit said I can’t leave this show but I won’t allow this group to go ahead.

The Kids were separated in groups, Mia addressed the kids and welcomed them in the knock out round, we will select 10 contestants in this round, Kulfi and her friends got scared, rocket said don’t lose hope, Mia said you will have to knock out the contestant with you and colours will decide who you shall fight with, similar colours shall battle.

Lovely prayed, God this show is very important for my baby, please let her win this show, Amyra and kulfi chose green balls. Mia was thinking about Panditji and told the kids, there’s a surprise for you which I shall tell you in the end.

Harsh choose a green colour, Amyra and kulfi got on the stage but were separated by a curtain, the competition then began, Kulfi thinks about Sikander and started singing, Sikander’s TV went off. Amyra thinks, this sounds like kulfis voice but how could she be here and she started singing.

the curtain went up on Mia’s instruction and Kulfi saw Amyra, Mia said these two are very good. Kulfi’s friends asked her to sing, Kulfi started singing and Amyra continued after her, harsh walked in and Kulfi left, harsh asked where’s your lead singer, Kulfi run aside and started crying, she remembered all the accusations Amyra had made.

Precap : Amyra said your lead singer, she got scared of me, Kulfi walked in, removed her mask and said I don’t get scared…Read more

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