Kulfi Crosses Path With Her Father. Little Singer Kulfi 6 March 2023, Monday Pt1: Episode 315


The episode started with Chandan meeting a guy and offering himself to be kulfi’s manager, he said he will make Kulfi earn a lot and Chandan agreed. Bhola and Pakhi were in a rally to earn for Nandini’s books, Chandan, kulfi and the manager were nearby, Kulfi got scared seeing the place, Chandan said this is a campaign, election campaign, here we will meet politicians so just go inside and sing.

Kulfi said I am scared, I won’t be able to sing, Chandan asked the manager to go ahead,he scolded Kulfi and forced her to sing. Kulfi felt Sikander’s presence and became restless. The Manager handed Sikander money, Chandan said Kumar (manager) look after kulfi, I have an important work and left.

Lovely met Nandini in a cafe, Bhola asked the minister for money but he said after the rally, you keep saying the slogan, Bhola started having hiccups, Pakhi said I am with you, who must be missing you. Kumar said kulfi we have a special room for you, let’s go.

Lovely was discussing Sikander’s case with Nandini and said can one accident bring such drastic change, Nandini thinks of Bhola and said this can happen, I am experiencing such case. Nandini consoled lovely and asked her to reach out to her if there is any problem. Kumar got a call and left.

Bhola found a cap and wore it, the Ministers were looking for Bhola Patwardhan and started calling Bhola, Bhola thinks they are calling him, they forcefully took Bhola on stage and asked him to address the party. Kulfi felt Sikander’s presence and runs out. A member asked what will you do to eradicate poverty and safety of women.

Bhola unaware kept talking irrelevantly, Kulfi heard his voice said it’s Baba but was unable to see him. A party member covered up for Bhola. Before Kulfi could get ahead, distraction was created to stop the campaign and everything was a mess.

Kulfi and Pakhi got stucked, Bhola rushed to Pakhi, hugged her and asked where did that man with money go, Bhola and Pakhi rushed out too. A man fell down and lost his specs, Bhola walked to him with his bag, he was happy with Bhola for his honesty and handed him money. Pakhi stumbled and got hurt, Bhola got scared and asked for help, Kulfi thinks baba was near me where did he go.

Nandini scolded Bhola for taking Pakhi with her to the rally, Bhola apologized, and said I don’t know how to take care of her, I will learn slowly I promise, Pakhi said don’t scold him, it wasn’t his mistake, he did take care of me, Nandini said sorry to Bhola and don’t worry about the books, I got them back, Bhola became very excited, Nani said will you forgive him so easily. Nandini said what do you want me to do, calm down please, let’s go Pakhi.

Nani said to Bhola, I gave her the money to buy the books, Bhola said thank you, Nani scolded Bhola and explained him what being husband is and be worthy before I can call you one.

Pre cap : Chandan was looking for kulfi, found her in a stable, he was angry,hits her in front of everyone and they all became shocked…Read more

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