Kulfi Escapes From Chandan. Little Singer Kulfi 6 March 2023, Monday Pt2: Episode 316


The episode started with Chandan asking kulfi why did she leave the place, the manager asked you to stay, he had to return the money and don’t lie. Lovely saw them talking. Chandan said I know you have a stomach ache when you lie and Kulfi was surprised, Chandan Started laughing and said you will have to repay for the loss, stand on the table and start singing.

that you are very sorry and will do as I say, you will keep singing till I ask you to stop and yelled at Kulfi, Lovely was in shock. Kulfi said when nothing is as before I won’t listen to you and run away, Chandan got angry, Lovely tried to stop him but was surprised by his reaction.

Kulfi was sitting alone and said baba I miss you. Bhola started having hiccups and Pakhi became jealous, Bhola convinced her to teach him how to be a good husband. Ajit walked to Nandini in the hospital and said I am unwell, Nandini said I will call the doctor, stay here, Ajit said you check it’s not that serious and Ajit tried to touch her.

Nandini got angry and scolded him. Ajit said you should be grateful I help you and dare you talk to me this way, Nandini said get out, Ajit said I will throw you out of my house,Nandini said we will see that later get out now.

Bhola and Pakhi walked to her teacher, Pakhi told her, mother we need your help, Bhola asked how can I be a good husband. Chandan was angry and started looking for kulfi, lovely, Amyra, Mohendar Gunjan followed him and tried to calm him down, Chandan found her and started dragging her home.

Bhola walked home to Nandini and started walking shoulder to shoulder, Nandini asked what’s wrong, Bhola said walk slowly, Nandini asked what do you want, Bhola remembered mother said, you should walk shoulder to shoulder with your wife, Bhola said mother told me, Pakhi told me, Nandini started laughing and said you are already a good husband.

Mohendar pushed Chandan and said don’t you understand she is a kid, Chandan tried to attack Mohendar but stopped himself and said it’s between me and my daughter stay away and dragged kulfi in, Lovely followed up, Chandan toom Kulfi to her room and started yelling at her, Lovely scolded Chandan, Chandan started yelling at Lovely as well, Chandan said no one dares answer me back.

you are a spoilt brat,he then calmed himself and walked to lovely and said I am very sorry, I yelled at you and Mohendar as well, I didn’t realize it, I hope you understand my pain, Kulfi keeps spoiling things,we have to earn money and she does this, lovely said what, Kulfi will earn? Chandan said yes.

I can’t go and sing to earn and now I can’t so we have to at least I am not asking Amyra to do so, let me talk to Kulfi.
Chandan walked to kulfi and said we have to go for recording, be prepared. Chandan hugged Amyra and said sorry and left.

Lovely walked to kulfi and hugged her, don’t upset him, listen to him, Kulfi said he isn’t my father he is fake, tell me would my baba ever hit me,Lovely said calm down it’s the accidents effect, Kulfi said but how can someone’s heart be transformed.

Nani said to Bhola,be a good husband, you have to take responsibilities, Bhola killed a mosquito and said look I killed the disease. Nani said Nandini looks after you but do you look after her, can you earn for Nandini and Pakhi, I challenge you to get food for at least one time let’s see. Kulfi told rocket on a call that nothing is good here, no one believes me, but now I don’t care. Today it’s crystal clear he is not my father, I am gonna run away and start looking for my father.

Pre cap : Lovely said how can sikander change so much, let me find some clues, why is it this way, she then found tablets which were not prescribed by a doctor…Read more

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