Kulfi Tells Sikander She Is His Daughter. Little Singer Kulfi 7 December 2022, Wednesday Pt2: Episode 191


The episode started with Kulfi saying mama I don’t know what to do whether to return or stay, mama said do what makes you happy, Kulfi said it will make me happy to to call him baba but will he tell me the truth, why he left Ma,what will I do, what if he isn’t the person I love, I respect him a lot, what if it all goes with the answers I get, Setu said enough kulfi, stop thinking.

Mohendar saw Sikander paint the room, Mohendar said we need to find kulfi, what are we doing here, Sikander said she will come on her own and this isn’t as big as her room in Tevar’s but this she will love because it’s her in her own house. Mohendar said Bebe gunjan you stay with him, I don’t know what he is upto, I am going to look for kulfi.

Gunjan said to Sikander, how are you so sure she will return, what if she has forgotten the way or something, Sikander said she may forget anything but not me, she will return.

Kulfi was very upset and tensed, Setu said don’t worry your mama will work very hard and even educate you, bholi will be happy to see you, Kulfi said but mami won’t be, Setu said I will manage that, come let’s go, Kulfi was missing Sikander and the time spent with him, the bus then arrived, Kulfi and Setu got in.

Amyra saw Sikander set kulfi’s room and said I can’t let this happen, Lovely stopped her and said don’t, your dad has lost it since Kulfi is gone, he thinks she will come back on her own.

Amyra said but why her room in our house, let her go to her dirty village, lovely said look at him, he is so excited he has lost it ,Amyra said he is waiting for her, Lovely said and it will end, till then let him be and I promise Kulfi won’t return, Amyra then hugged her.

Kulfi remembered Nimrat’s words and said you told me Baba is near me but whether i should be with him or not ,give me some sign Ma, the bus then stopped, a mentally ill aunty walked in and started looking for someone,she started crying and left. Sikander hanged a picture of his kulfi and Tevar.

The Driver said she lost someone close and keeps looking in every passing by bus, Kulfi asked was that a sign? Lovely said Sikander, if she returns she would be the most shameless girl, Sikander said she will return for me, I believe in her, she won’t leave me alone, she is mine and she will return to me, no one can separate her from me, Kulfi heared that and called him baba, Sikander was in tears.

Lovely was shocked, Kulfi run to him and hugged him, she said I know you are my Baba and Sikander was surprised, Kulfi said I am your daughter baba, Nimrat’s daughter, my mama told me my heart wasn’t lying, you are my baba, my dream came true and lovely was in shock. Sikander was very happy, Kulfi then came out of her imagination.

Sikander said to lovely, no one can separate her from me,he turned around and saw kulfi,he rushed to her and hugged her, lovely was in shock,Mohendar and Bebe walked to them, Amyra then run out,she run to lovely and hugged her.

Sikander then scolded kulfi for leaving, Kulfi wiped his tears and said sorry,Sikander asked her to promise that she will never leave him and go,Kulfi said before that I want to ask you something.

Precap : Lovely asked Sikander to make a decision either Amyra or kulfi, Sikander said where will she go,Lovely said I don’t care and why should I for an orphan,Kulfi shouted I am not an orphan, Lovely left with Amyra.
Cutie said killing is always not an option Lovely,you killed Nimrat but that didn’t work,Sikander heared them…Read more

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