Bhola(Sikander) Sees Kulfi In The Café. Little Singer Kulfi 7 March 2023, Tuesday Pt1: Episode 317

In episode 317 of Little Singer Kulfi, the show began with Kulfi talking to Rocket on the phone about running away to find her father. Rocket initially distrusted Kulfi but then gave her an idea to help her search for her father. Chandan called Kulfi, and she left to meet him.

Bhola was at a cafe and saw pastries, and the manager asked what he wanted. Bhola said he liked everything, so the manager gave him a pastry. Bhola thanked him and said he didn’t have money to pay but would help with work instead. Zinda approached Rocket and asked why he gave away his share of the prize money. Rocket said it was his mother’s wish. Zinda found drugs in Rocket’s pocket, but Rocket said he had to sneak out for Kulfi’s sake and left.

Chandan pulled Kulfi and told her to sing at a girl’s birthday party, where she had to stay put. Nandini was walking home late at night when Ajit pulled her and professed his love for her. Lovely arrived and rescued Nandini, slapping Ajit in the process. Chandan was drinking, and Lovely saw Mohendar upset and talked to him about it.

Bhola saw Kulfi sleeping and commented that she was always awake when he was asleep and vice versa. Nandini invited Lovely home, and they talked about their feelings. Bhola entered the party and saw Kulfi again, and Chandan asked her to go on stage. Rocket tried to collect information about Chandan’s drug supplier.

Bhola played hide and seek with Kulfi, and in the precap, Kulfi was singing at the party, with Bhola standing aside and listening to her…Read more

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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