Little Singer Kulfi 7 November 2022, Monday Pt2: Episode 144


The episode started with Tevar checking the menu and made faces, kulfi said there wasn’t anything so i made this, Tevar said we could order then, Kulfi said no, no, this whole hosue is my responsibility and like my ma, I will make this house a good one, and so will be our family, like Amyra and Sikander’s family.

Sikander was in Chiroli, he knocked on the door. Tevar said now my daughter has taken such big responsibility, I will support her,Amyra then walked in,kukfi rushed to her to hug her and welcomed her.

Kulfi said come let me show you my room and left with Amyra. Sikander calleld but no one answered and the door was locked. Cutie was trying to call and said why is her phone off, lovely said mom he shouldn’t know kulfi is his daughter, he will leave my Amyra and i will loose everything. Cutie opened the door and found Nihalo.

Sikander said i won’t go till i find clues, Sikander saw Setu, Setu got very angry seeing him. Kulfi asked did you like my room, Amyra said i love your toys,my mom and dad are so busy,when i ask for these toys they didn’t give me these,kulfi said take them if you like, you also shared yours with me.

Amyra said but they were old, Kulfi said toys are toys and by sharing we spread love,mom use to tell me, Amyra said your mom taught you such good things, kulfi asked how was your surprise,Amyra said it made them speechless and mom started crying and right now i feel like crying because dad has left and gone somewhere.

Sikander asked Setu do you know Setu,he stays here, Kulfi’s mama, Setu was very angry. Tevar walked in and heard kulfi and Amyra talking about projector,he explained to kulfi what a projector is and said let’s go watch a movie,Amyra asked Tevar to help her make a projector, Tevar said i can’t because someone just taught me we should help ourselves, kulfi said but who will help us, Tevar said i will cook so meet you at lunch.

Sikander said Kulfi’s Mama, setu said i don’t know, Sikander said it’s important please, Setu said but we dont want to,i am Kulfi’s mama. Nihalo was in awe seeing sikanders house, Cutie asked how did you reach here, Nihalo said your money order has your address, lovely walked out and was in shock seeing cutie, she remembered Kulfi’s accident and hid. Nihalo saw her and asked who at all stays in your house, lovely called cutie,cutie said you stay here, i will come back.

Nihalo took a seat on the sofa and said the reaction clearly shows that Setu hasn’t met her. Sikander said you are her mama,she kept talking about you, I am Sikander, Setu said i know and so i dont want to talk to you, Sikander said why please, it’s important, Setu said before i insult you please leave. kulfi and amyra were working on the projector. Tevar was trying his hands on cooking.

Amyra said we can’t and walked into kitchen, kulfi followed and saw burnt roti, Tevar said let’s order food, Amyra said same with the projector,Kulfi said we arent giving up,Tevar said look we tried,kulfi said right and now we should help each other, you go help Amyra and i will help with akad bakad. Amyra said wow, you can cook food too, kulfi said yes, Amyra said man, she knows so much, Tevar said and it’s never ending.

Tevar joined amyra and kulfi started cooking. Everyone finished their tasked, Amyra said we just have to finish with the colouring now, lets go get colours. sikander said why aren’t you asking about kulfi but you are making tantrums,Setu asked who are you to ask me all that and remembered Nimrat’s pain.

precap :
Sikander offered money and Setu became upset. Sikander said i won’t go unless i get all info about kulfi

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