Kulfi Reveals Her Secret To Sikander. Little Singer Kulfi 7 October 2022, Friday Pt1: Episode 108


The episode started with Sikander looking at Lovely and said i understand but look it’s our business, i have some principles too,lalwani said all these tantrums look good on girls and not that singer who is on the verge to finish, it’s your chance to come back.

Amyra walked to Tevar and asked is your mood off,mine too, why is it that always we have the same mood swings,you know mom did it,she has changed a lot,always angry and behind me,Tevar started laughing seeing Amyra imitate Lovely and said kiddo you shouldn’t stay upset with mom longer, she got upset with one who she loves the most, mom carried you in her tummy for 9 months,Amyra said no, no it’s just 7,Cutie said i was born early like my mom and Tevar thinks is Lovely lying

Lovely said Sikander why are you doing this, it’s big show, Kulfi has no problem, Sikander said enough, i can’t stand this lie anymore,Mohendar said Sikander i get your point but the show, Sikander said we will find other ways but this show won’t be done and i want to find Kulfi’s father,that’s what i will focus on and called Kulfi,Mohendar said don’t rush, we will find her father but rejecting the show won’t be good for your market

Kulfi asked you called me, Sikander said tell me about your baba,tell us your story,Kulfi thinks ma and said should I tell Sikander sir, Sikander asked what place are you from,Kulfi said Chiroli and Sikander became shocked,Kulfi asked have you been to my place, Sikander said yes,i had someone there,you don’t worry we will go to chiroli tomorrow.

Lovely got to her room and saw Tevar and said get out,Tevar said i want just the truth,Amyra was a premature baby, Lovely said so just get it, she is me and Sikander’s daughter,Tevar said if you hide anymore, i won’t keep quiet and left, Lovely said why me,what will i do now.

Sikandar was in the music room thinking about Nimrat, Lovely walked in and said you won’t go Chiroli,he asked why,i promised Kulfi, Lovely said so did you,you promised you won’t look for Nimrat, Sikander said this time i will do it, she is my responsibility, Lovely said enough what about Amyra, Sikander said enough,Lovely said you know who did this to Kulfi, it was Amyra who sent Kulfi to David.

Sikander walked to her room in anger,Lovely said she isn’t at home,i knew you will react this way, it’s not her fault,open your eyes and see how you are behaving with her since kulfi cane here,so is Amyra’s jealousy,so stop it,why can’t you see,Amyra is collapsing but all you care is about Kulfi,punish yourself and not Amyra,if you go you will never get Amyra .

Kulfi heard bebe and Mohendar talk,Bebe said Sikander is doing right,if it’s Kulfi’s voice, she should get recognition and not Amyra,Mohendar said but he will lose shows because of it. Kulfi went to Sikandar and saw that he was sad and pacified him.

Kulfi told Sikandar why he is missing the concert to take her to Chiroli to search for her uncle. Sikandar said that right now, nothing is more important for him than searching for her father. He told Kulfi he will do anything for her. Kulfi made Sikandar promise to sing in the concert and let her sing for Amayra.

Kulfi sang a song and tried to pacify Sikandar…Read more

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