Kulfi’s Aunt Get Exposed. Little Singer Kulfi 7 September 2022, Wednesday Pt1: Episode 66


The episode started with Sikander saying lovely, I have promised kids to celebrate it with happiness and forget the past, so i forgive you,i ask you to do the same, lovely said ok and Sikander hugged her.

Sikander called Mahinder but he didn’t answer call and a messages that he will call later, Sikander asked everyone to gather in the hall and then informed them there will be an eid party,kulfi said yummy,sikander said i will make sheerkurma,ustadji use to love it, I will invite him tonight. Dadi said Sikander is building castle of happiness I hope it doesn’t shatter with what Mahinder gets.

Nihalo said my kulfi sings so well so i charge for her visit,here she is,bholi came in with Tinda. Amyra and lovely were twinning,kulfi and Sikander were also twining, Amyra became jealous and said he is my dad, why is that dirty boy dressed like him, lovely said no fighting tonight and Amyra said ok.

Sikander said to Amyra and kulfi,you will get eidi now,he handed Amyra gajra and kulfi rose,he placed it in Amyra’s hair and said very pretty,he placed rose on kulfis coat,kulfi thanked him and asked your eidi, Sikander said kiss will do and they both kissed him,minti said lovely is he practising to handle two kids, lovely said keep quite,minti said whatever, eid Mubarak,kulfi looked at the food spread and said i never saw this amount of food wow.

Cutie and Dad joined them,they said we are here just for Amyra, Dad said to cutie, i found a new singer and soon when he becomes a superstar, Sikander will be at my foot begging and apologising.

Ustadji joined them, Sikander greeted him, he was then in tears hugged him,he said I knew you will come but still can’t believe you are here,minti asked lovely who this old man is, lovely said must be his teacher, Amyra said how must he be performing, he can’t even walk and lovely said quite.

kulfi went and greeted ustad like Sikander did and said i am kulfi Sikander sir is my guru and you are his, so bless me too, Ustad said you need to work hard for it,kulfi said i know how to work hard, my mom taught me, Ustad said she is right where is she, kulfi said she is a star now. Amyra went to ustad and said hello, Sikander said my daughter Amyra, Ustad said i heard her song, where is mahinder.

Mahinder said dont be scared tell me your name,bholi said bholi, Nihalo said it’s kulfi,kadu said it’s bholi,bholi said ma sold kulfi, Nihalo said it’s summer so I sold kulfi’s, Mahinder said i will get kulfi for you don’t cry, Nihalo said she is five years old,bholi said I am not kulfi, I am her daughter and not aunt Nimrat’s.

pre cap:
kulfi sang with Sikander and ustad. Mahinder then met setu at darga…Read more

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