Lovely’s Secret Killing Of Nimrat Revealed. Little Singer Kulfi 8 December 2022, Thursday Pt1: Episode 192


The episode started with Sikander asking kulfi to promise him that she will never leave him, lovely and Amyra was very sad. Kulfi remembered her talk with mama and said I have never seen Sikander sir do wrong with anyone, so I want the answer, did Ma do any mistake, was there any issue.

why did he leave her and marry Lovely, then I shall decide whether to forgive him or not, Setu said that’s the right decision my kid and remember your mama can do anything for you, he will be always be there for you and so will be his house. kulfi said I will come back mama, take care.

Kulfi asked Sikander to answer him before she makes a promise ,Sikander asked what is it, Lovely got very angry and walked to Sikander with Amyra, lovely said Sikander it’s your last chance, choose kulfi or me and amyra, Sikander said what nonsense are you talking, where will this little girl go, Amyra said this dirty girl can go anywhere but not my house, Sikander said Amyra don’t talk between elders.

Lovely said why won’t she, this is my house and not an orphanage, Kulfi said I am not an orphan, my father is alive, Bebe asked them to calm down, Lovely said quickly make a decision, Kulfi thinks he is my father too, why do I have to face all this and said why do all this please don’t be angry.

Sikander remembered all the things Lovely had done and said kulfi is my responsibility, she won’t go anywhere, Amyra started crying, Lovely left with Amyra, she forcefully took Amyra away. Kulfi tried to stop Amyra but Sikander stopped her. Sikander remembered the time spent with Amyra and broke down, Kulfi then hugged Sikander.

Cutie scolded lovely for taking such stupid decision of leaving sikander’s house and asked Tony to talk to her, Tony said it’s a daily drama, Lovely said not this time, he will have to make a decision. Sikander said to Bebe, lovely won’t win this time, bebe said she is your wife, gunjan said but we can’t let Lovely misbehave with Kulfi, Sikander said I can’t live without Kulfi and Amyra, Kulfi has already gone through a lot, not anymore and this relation is a burden on me and left.

Kulfi was talking to Nimrat and explained the situation, she said how will I tell him the truth, when I came all messed up, you tell me what I should do,Nimrat gave her a no signs, Sikander was walking in the balcony, Kulfi was there too and saw Sikander and they both hugged each other, Sikander said you are my lioness.

I know you are very sad and full of questions but I will find Tevar and then you scold him and asked why did he leave you, Kulfi said I don’t want to fight or scold but just answer me, why did he do so, Sikander said I will do all good, Kulfi said then patch up with lovely, Sikander said she has made a huge mistake, this can’t be forgiven, Kulfi said no one is bad, don’t do this, Sikander said think about yourself and not Lovely, tell me what is bothering you, Kulfi said first go patch up with her then I will.

Lovely was complaining to cutie about kulfi coming back, Sikander was on his way to get her and walked to the room, lovely said why doesn’t Kulfi die, she always has to come back, cutie said killing or dying isn’t a solution, you even had killed Nimrat right, Sikander heared it.

Bebe said gunjan let’s not talk between Sikander and lovely, gunjan said she is always behind everyone, Bebe said Amyra is sikander’s daughter, gunjan said no she isn’t, it’s Kulfi, Mohendar said no gunjan, gunjan said Amyra is Tevar’s daughter and kulfi is sikander’s and Bebe was in shock. Lovely said Ma it was an accident, Cutie said but you can’t run away from the fact that you killed her, lovely said I know I didn’t do it on purpose but what will I do,cutie saw Sikander in shock.

Gunjan said lovely takes advantage of Sikander’s good, Mohendar said Amyra and kulfi both love Sikander and she hates kulfi because she knows Kulfi is Sikander’ s daughter, Bebe said gunjan and Sikander loves them both, Mohendar said you won’t tell sikander the truth, Bebe said he is right, we can’t do this,gunjan said I will keep quite but if Kulfi will have to face I won’t and left.

Lovely walked to Sikander, Sikander said don’t touch me you are a murderer, Kulfi was walking towards the room, you killed my Nimrat, lovely said please stay, I didn’t kill her, it was an accident, I didn’t even knew she was Nimrat,Sikander said no more lies, Lovely said I am not, I was scared, it was an accident, Sikander said you have spoilt so many lives. Kulfi saw Sikander run away and followed him.

Sikander remembered Nimrat, Sikander said oh god, what all did this happen, Kulfi saw Sikander broken down and said I knew he would never be able to stay without them, Kulfi run to Mohendar and started panicking, Mohendar asked Bebe to be with her and rushed down. Sikander imagined Nimrat and said I was late, very late,I am a coward, a bastard, I remember everything single thing of yours, trust me,I never forgot you, but I lost you, I always wanted to come to you and apologise, our story shouldn’t have ended this way, the time with you was the best, Sikander lived in hope to see you, my wife killed you and I couldn’t even save you, please forgive me, I will do anything, forgive me or else I shall die in this pain.

Lovely said Sikander never loved me, he loved Nimrat, no one will forgive me, Cutie said if they inform the police then,Lovely said I don’t want to go jail, my Amyra, Tony said shut up, Cutie you too. Mohendar rushed to Sikander, Sikander said my Nimrat, she was here, Mohendar said calm down, Sikander said she has to forgive me or else I will die in this pain.

Mohendar said Nimrat isn’t your life, Lovely is, Sikander said don’t talk about her, she is murderer and hugged Mohendar, Nimrat was killed under her car,Lovely killed nimi. Lovely said I can’t go jail, Tony said it was just an accident, did anyone see you. Cutie said the driver minti and kulfi’s mami, Tony said Sikander won’t take any action and if he did I won’t leave him.

you are my daughter and no one will do anything to you, Lovely hugged him and said I am scared do something, save me. Sikander said first I thought it was Kulfi and now I found it’s Nimrat too, how could she live in peace, how will I live, lovely will have to repay and dare you stop me, he then run to lovely.

Precap; lovely said Sikander you didn’t give me the love I needed so I’m insecure, Sikander said I agree I never loved you, but I never hated you too. Lovely said then give me divorce , Amyra and kulfi heared that…Read more

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