Kulfi Saves Rocket From Chandan’s Goons. Little Singer Kulfi 8 March 2023, Wednesday Pt1: Episode 319

In episode 319 of Little Singer Kulfi, Amyra wondered who was calling so early. Kulfi thought it might be Rocket and answered the call. Rocket told Kulfi he came for information and to give money, not to be tied up. Nani shared that she found a hospital for Bhola, where he will be admitted, and suggested that Pakhi should stay away from him. Nandini disagreed and said both will be disturbed.

Nani reminded her that she is Pakhi’s mother too, and asked her to look after Pakhi while she takes Bhola to Kolhapur. Rocket gave Kulfi the address while speaking to her. When Chandan asked Kulfi who called, she said she couldn’t hear the voice.

Nandini, Bhola, and Pakhi went to the school where Pakhi was participating in a leg race. Nandini overheard other parents gossiping about Bhola and felt sorry for herself. Lovely saw Amyra at home and asked why she wasn’t in school. Amyra misbehaved, gave Sikander’s excuse, and left. Kulfi arrived at the address Rocket had given her and found him trapped. She managed to signal him through a window.

During the race, Nani walked up to Bhola, causing Nandini to become distracted. Bhola rushed to Nandini and Pakhi when they stumbled, picked up Nandini and carried Pakhi on his back to complete the race. Bhola and Pakhi celebrated, but Nandini scolded him, telling him he could have fallen with both of them. Bhola reassured her, saying he would never let that happen.

The others accused Bhola of cheating, but he argued that he crossed the finish line first. They accused him of entering the race from the middle, and Nandini covered for him, saying he looks after her house so she can fulfill her dream of becoming a doctor. Kulfi freed Rocket but overheard Pakya and Chandan’s voices. Lovely found tablets on the dining table and saw Gunjan unconscious on the floor.

In the preview, Lovely rushed to Gunjan, and Bhola was offered a singing show, which he agreed to…Read more

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