Kulfi Finds Sikander’s Location. Little Singer Kulfi 8 March 2023, Wednesday Pt2: Episode 320

The episode of Little Singer Kulfi started with Chandan entering the room and realizing that nobody was present. Pakya woke up Gotya and asked him to look for the missing boy. Kulfi told Rocket that she knew he wasn’t her father, but she didn’t know how to find him. Bhola sang and danced with Pakhi and Nandini. Kulfi said her father was her family, and she wondered what to do next. Rocket promised Kulfi that he would never leave her and that he would find her father.

He assured her that her problem was his problem and that he would save her from her troubles. Kulfi was scared and hugged Rocket, saying that she would tell everyone the truth. Rocket warned her not to make that mistake and explained that the person she was dealing with was very smart and could trick and trap her. He suggested that they needed to be smart about the situation.

Nandini and Pakhi won the first prize for their unity, and Bhola celebrated by teasing the other competitors. Lovely rushed to Gunjan and called for an ambulance. Nani scolded Nandini, but Nandini stood up for herself. Raman interrupted and praised Bhola for his singing talent, offering him a chance to sing in his new student’s album.

Bhola agreed but asked for one-time food in return. Nandini noticed that Raman only thought about them and praised him. Pakhi showed Nandini her missed calls from her mother, Lovely, who was in a video call showing Gunjan, who was unconscious.

Nandini guided Lovely to revive Gunjan, and she succeeded. Bhola used the money he earned to buy gifts and toys for Nandini, Pakhi, and Nani. Nani saw Bhola and Nandini having food together and became emotional. She realized that Bhola could protect Nandini and Pakhi and give them happiness. She prayed that nobody would come looking for him and that his secret would remain safe.

Kulfi noticed that Rocket had a wounded leg and tried to hide it from Chandan when he walked in. Bhalla entered the room and handed over the completed recording of a comparative voice for Kulfi. Chandan played the song, and Kulfi recognized Sikander’s voice. She cried tears of joy, saying that she had found her baba. Chandan noticed Rocket’s injury and made a call. Kulfi asked Bhalla if he knew the person named Bhola, and he said that he had not met him but his guruji had. He revealed that Bhola was from Nargis Park.

In the pre-cap, Kulfi asked Pakhi where Bhola was, and he called her. Kulfi rushed to…Read more

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