Mahinder To Tell Sikander The Truth? Little Singer Kulfi 8 September 2022, Thursday Pt1: Episode 68


The episode started with mahinder thinking about kulfi and said,shall i first talk to Sikander or jagira,let me tell Sikander first, he must be restless.sikander walked to jagira and asked what happened with kulfis mother,jagira said she is no more and his father left when she was in her mother’s womb, we dont know who he is and left.

Sikander felt jagira’s words and said, i didn’t even looked back to Nimrat, what Nimart must have told our daughter, how must have she raised her and she prayed, please help me meet my daughter God.

He walked to Amyra’s room and found out that she wasn’t there,he then heard the piano’s sound and saw Amyra practising piano,kulfi tried to talk but Sikander stopped her, Amyra said dad did i play well, Sikander said very good,i am so happy,kulfi said can i touch this,sikander said yes,kulfi then took blessing of piano and Amyra murmured, God this drama,kulfi tried her hands on the piano and got it correct.

Sikander was surprised and asked where did you learn how to play,kulfi said when Amyra was playing, i watched and learnt, Sikander said good, you two are learning together, so today we will again practice together and they both tried make excuses, Sikander said come on sit down and practice

lovely saw Sikander on the phone and said maybe he is trying to reach mahinder bhai, lovely said Sikander it’s important, please come. Amyra and kulfi gave each other cold looks and said,the war is not over. lovely said Sikander let’s go on a date, Sikander said not today i don’t feel like it, lovely said was it just for yesterday Sikander, can’t we please move one, let’s give it a fresh start.

Amyra and kulfi were fighting, Cutie came in with a face mask on, kulfi got scared thinking it was ghost, Cutie said how dare you call me a ghost,kulfi said i didn’t know it was you,I am sorry i just got scared, Cutie said shut-up go get water, Amyra said good work Cutie, this boy is a mess, a trouble, Cutie said if someone troubles you,trouble him back, scare him so much that he listens to every single word you say,scared kulfi walked in with a glass of water, cutie shouted quickly come here,kulfi thinks God she is so scarry and run away.

Mahinder got home and started looking for Sikander every where, he said where must he have gone.lovely and Sikander were in the car, lovely then took his phone and said no phone today, it’s my time today and thinks i know you have nimrat and her daughter on your mind but i have to do something that you don’t forget me and Amyra even when they are here.

kulfi heard some voice and walked towards it,she opened the door of the store room and saw someone with longs nails, white saree and white hair sitting on a chair,kulfi said who are you, what you want,it was cutie trying to scare kulfi, Amyra was then hiding and watching.

Mahinder started looking for jagira but he is out in the market, Mahinder asked where is kulfi,kulfi walked towards cutie and Mahinder started calling out kulfi,kulfi said this doesn’t seem right,cutie sprained her neck,kulfi then became scared and run away. Amyra wore a cap and run behind kulfi to scare her, kulfi said uncle ghost.

Mahinder said calm down, there are no ghost here,kulfi said there are ghost in my village also, there are ghost here, Mahinder said calm down it’s ok,lets talk about something else,tell me about your village.

lovely got Sikander to the temple and said let’s marry here again.
Mahinder and kulfi were in the same temple…Read more

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