Mahinder Tricks Kulfi To Reveal Her True Identity. Little Singer Kulfi 8 September 2022, Thursday Pt2: Episode 69


The episode started with kulfi saying you called me to talk about my village? Mahinder said actually i am missing my village so i thought even you must be missing yours, that’s why i called,kulfi said mama asked me not to share,i am sorry,i dont want to lie, Mahinder said kulfi you must be having someone that you talk to, dont feel bad and not break the promise too or else your stomach will ache,kulfi said yes.

Mahinder said let’s go to the temple and you can speak your heart out,the temple we are going is famous for fulfilling wishes so let’s go.

Dadi asked the maid, is Mahinder home? Did he get anyone home? she said no, he is talking to kulfi, Dadi was walking to him but he left with kulfi. Cutie was in pain, Amyra was also upset for not being able to scare kulfi, Cutie started thinking why did Mahinder come alone and then leave with kulfi. Cutie called lovely but she hanged up the call, lovely said Sikander i have a surpise.

Mahinder and kulfi reached the temple,kulfi said wow, such a big temple and so pretty, Mahinder and kulfi walked in, Dadi also arrived at the temple and said why is Mahindra’s car here and she walked in, Sikander and lovely arrived as well, Sikander asked why the temple, we are going the movie and lunch date right, lovely said Sikander we are married for 7 years now and i want to give us a fresh start and marry again.

kulfi asked Mahinder to get her two black threads, Mahinder asked why 2, kulfi said one for me and one Amyra,i know we are on no talking terms but still. Mahinder said ok you go inside, i will wash my hands and join you. sikander asked, why all this?

lovely said when we married we weren’t happy and didnt want it but yesterday when you said we should move on i thought why not take this step, no one is here just us,this will be for us for Amyra,so will you marry me again, Sikandar held her hand and they both walked in.

Dadi called kulfi and thinks where is Mahinder, why is he alone, Mahinder placed a recorder near a mushak (rat) and said i know this is wrong but i need to do this to find out the truth,please forgive me God. Sikander was being snapped at temple, lovely asked where are you lost.

Sikander said i hope you are sure of what you are doing, it’s scary, we need to stand by it, lovely said even i am scared, last time,what we did, we were forced, this time it will be for us and will make our own woes. lovely distracted Sikander by allowing fans meet him.

Dadi said i will have to asked kulfi where is mahinder, Dadi heard fans cheering Sikander, she saw him and said oh kulfi was just a reason to meet here,she saw lovely and said oh god this means Sikander doesn’t know about Mahinder,i have to find Mahinder and talk to him.

Lovely thinks marrying is only the reason to secure mine and Amyra’s future, Sikander was thinking about Nimrat and all the confusion.

Precap :
kulfi told truth into the mushaks ears, Mahinder later heard all the recording…Read more

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