Lovely Learns Shocking News About Kulfi. Little Singer Kulfi 9 August 2022, Tuesday Pt1: Episode 23



The Episode started with Kulfi seeing herself singing. She shuts her ears and said I am sleeping, I can’t sing. She then controlled her urge to sing and said I will never sing Maa. Setu asked what happened and hugged her.

Kulfi asked, why did you come late. He said I promise I won’t leave you alone. She said do it this way and hugged him. She said I pushed her accidentally. He said I know, I will talk to your aunt, sit here.

Amyra said I won’t talk to mom, its mom’s mistake, she scolded me. Sikandar said don’t get annoyed with mom, I know you didn’t like her scolding, but mom’s scolding is sweet like temple prasad, even your mom felt bad to scold you, she will bring many gifts.

She said wow dad, it’s the best idea, I will show anger till I get my best gifts, after all I am a businessman’s granddaughter, aren’t you practicing today. He smiled and said rehearsal, I will make you ready today. She asked really. He said why not, we will start with…..

She said with this cream. He said I knew it. She said don’t talk with village accent,she applied her cream and laughed. He thinks, I will do anything for your smile.

Nihalo said I won’t take the report back till Kulfi sings, I took money from Sitaram. Setu asked, who are you to sell her art, return the money and take the complaint back. She asked him to slap her and scolded him while Kulfi looked on. Kulfi said Maa, do something, can their fight ever end?.

Lovely came there and Minty said we had an accident here, what if anyone identifies us. Lovely said no one will identify us, I came here to know Nimrat’s truth, we had no option.

Setu scolds Sitaram while Kulfi did commentary on the scene. Minty said see how villagers are fighting here, we shouldn’t go in. Lovely said I won’t go without knowing the truth. Setu said I will free Kulfi any way.

Lovely came there and became shocked hearing Nihalo. Nihalo said Kulfi will get her sense, she is proud to be Sikandar’s daughter, Nimrat died and left the problem for me and lovely sat in shock. Minty said it means Sikandar lied to you and Lovely recalled Sikandar’s words.

Kulfi said my mom is dead, but I have an uncle, Mami beats me once but Mama loves me a lot, he will take me home. Constable said, I can’t do anything till your wife takes the report back, law just sees proof, kids can go anywhere, anytime, how long will the law keep an eye on kids.

Setu said you mean I should make Kulfi run. Constable said I am not saying anything. Setu asked, how will I make her escape. Constable said you see that, don’t tell anyone I helped you, I will lose my job.

Setu was praying and Tidda asked did mum take the complaint back. Setu said no, take your mom out of here anyhow, it’s about Kulfi’s life, make some excuse, hurry up, we have less time, your mum is sitting there, go. Tidda then run to Nihalo and she asked why did you come here. Tidda acted and said she fell down.

She asked who. He said Bholi fell into the well and she became shocked. She asked why did you not save him and asked Sitaram not to move from there and run with Tidda. Setu said one problem is solved, but how shall I make Kulfi run and he got an idea. Lovely said Sikandar can’t have any daughter, just Amyra is his daughter. Sikandar then made Amyra ready.

He sang a song for her while setting her hair. She said this is a bun, not a ponytail, but I love it,he hugged her and they danced. He got breakfast for her and she got her bag. Lovely said I can’t go till I know Sikandar’s daughter, you aren’t marriage, you don’t have a husband, you don’t know what I am feeling now.

Lovely asked the inspector about Kulfi and the Inspector pointed out Kulfi…Read more