Sittu Helps Kulfi Escape From Nihalo. Little Singer Kulfi 9 August 2022, Tuesday Pt2: Episode 24



The Episode started with Setu trying to distract the police. Lovely asked the inspector about the little girl, it’s important for her to meet her and the Inspector showed her Kulfi. Setu burnt dry leaves and spreaded the smoke.

Lovely was looking at Kulfi, while the smoke spread. She went close and saw Kulfi. Setu took Kulfi and run away. Minty then took Lovely with her. Setu said we have to leave from here and Kulfi asked why shall I run when I didn’t do anything wrong, I won’t go.

Nihalo run to the well to save Bholi. Tidda signalled Bholi to hide and Nihalo saw him. He fooled Nihalo while she run to get a rope. Bholi asked what’s happening, where is Kulfi. Tidda poured water on himself and Bholi and said we have to keep mum engaged here so that dad can save Kulfi, just take a deep breath and she agreed. Setu said, the constable asked me to take Kulfi and go.

The man asked Setu to go fast and gave him his cycle keys. Sattu thanked him and run with Kulfi. He collided with Sitaram and hide while Sitaram looked for them. Nihalo got rope and Tidda said I risked my life and saved Bholi. Nihalo hugged Bholi and saw the empty bucket and said I got rope now, how didn’t you sink, you fooled your mum and she scolded them.

She said I will go and make Kulfi sing for Sitaram and she run. Kulfi asked where are we going now. Sattu said i don’t know, Nihalo will force you to sing. They saw Nihalo coming and he drove away. Nihalo shouted to them and asked them to stop but she fell down and she asked Sitaram to catch Kulfi. Kulfi asked Sattu to drive fast. Lovely was thinking of Kulfi while cryimg and she stopped the car.

She said I can’t believe Sikandar did this to me, he has another daughter, he has hidden his family from me. Sikandar bought a necklace for Lovely. He said I am gifting her diamonds so that she gets a best friend who recommends me, I want a place in her heart and Lovely’s mum argued with his mum.

Sikandar said I want to buy a gift for my wife, Lovely’s mum said I will come back with Lovely. He thinks he should move on as Nimrat moved on, he will return to Lovely and Amyra. Sattu became tired. They run from the police,he hid and placed Kulfi in Lovely’s car. He asked Kulfi not to worry and he run away.

Lovely said I will never ever see that girl and she drove off. Kulfi said where is the car going. Nihalo and the police looked for Kulfi. Sattu hid behind a tree, the constable saw him and nodded. He then went and said there is no one, maybe they left, go home, we will inform you. Nihalo said I will find her myself.

Sattu became shocked seeing the car gone. Kulfi knocked the door and shouted for help. Lovely heard the sound and said I heard a child’s voice. Minty said I didn’t hear anything. Lovely said I think I should check. Minty said relax, you are mad in anger. Lovely said shut up, I heard some voice, let me check and she opened the dicky.

Lovely was about to see Kulfi while Sattu tried to find the car and asked some baba. He became worried…Read more