Sikander Agrees To Divorce Lovely. Little Singer Kulfi 9 December 2022, Friday Pt1: Episode 193


The episode started with Sikander coming and started shouting for lovely, lovely got scared, Tony said if you get scared now how will you bare the consequences and live with dignity later.

Kulfi run to Mohendar and asked where is Sikander, Bebe said yes tell us, Mohendar said to talk lovely, Bebe said he is angry and he can’t control his anger, Mohendar said I couldn’t stop him, Kulfi thinks I have to stop him. Amyra heared and run to lovely and Sikander, Amyra run out and closed her ears.

Sikander was scolding lovely said you are a murderer and you are not even guilty, Lovely said it was an accident, I didn’t even know who she was and I came for you, Sikander said all is a mistake for you and you take no account of it, you let a person die, you couldn’t even take some humanity and save Nimrat and let her be with her family, Lovely said you care about your first wife, what about me.

Kulfi asked Amyra what are you doing here, she said it’s because of you, why did you come back, look they are fighting again, dirty girl go away, Kulfi started crying and said you please stop crying I will go talk to them, Amyra said stop, Kulfi said I am elder to you, you can’t stop me, Amyra said who told you, anyways go away from us,they both started crying, Kulfi tried to console Amyra but she doesn’t listen.

Lovely said Sikander you didn’t give me the love I deserve and so I’m so insecure, Sikander said enough, I agree I didn’t love you but neither did I hate you but now I do, I could have handed you to cops, you murderer,I can never forgive you Lovely chadda.

Lovely said then leave me,divorce me, Amyra and kulfi heared it, Sikander looked at Lovely. Kulfi asked Amyra what is divorce, she said I don’t know, sikander said I have given you everything you asked for even this I shall, he smiled and left.

Kulfi followed Sikander, Amyra rushed to lovely. Sikander went home, Mohendar asked what happened, he went to his room and locked himself, Kulfi then came there, she banged the door and asked him to open the door, Mohendar picked kulfi and left with her. Sikander was under the shower missing Nimrat.

Kulfi told Mohendar, Ma always said you always should be with people when they are sad, then why leave Sikander sir alone, Mohendar said he you are right but at times anger spoils things, so we need to wait till he calms down,so now go to sleep, Kulfi asked first tell me what is divorce. Amyra started searching the web for what is divorce, lovely asked her what is she doing, she tried to hide, lovely checked and was in tears.

Lovely remembered how close Amyra was to Sikander. Mohendar asked kulfi where did she hear it, Kulfi said lovely asked Sikander sir for divorce, Sikander said like everything I will give this too, Mohendar said don’t think of all this, go to sleep.

Kulfi started thinking what the word might mean. Lovely asked Amyra, why is she finding the meaning, Amyra said you asked dad and he said he will, the word sounds scary, Lovely said don’t worry, we uttered just because we were angry forget it and don’t be scared.

Kulfi was unable to sleep. Lovely broke down and said Sikander you won’t give me divorce right, please don’t leave me and go. kulfi walked to Sikander, Sikander was asleep in the music room, Kulfi said baba, she got him blanket and kissed his forehead, Sikander said Nimrat and Kulfi got scared.

Pre cap : Kulfi asked ma’am what is divorce. Amyra heard the staff talking about Sikander and lovely’s divorce.
Gunjan told Sikander that lovely had pushed him so that I don’t tell you the truth, Sikander asked what truth…Read more

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