Gunjan To Reveal The Secret. Little Singer Kulfi 9 December 2022, Friday Pt2: Episode 194


The episode started with Kulfi kissing Sikander’s forehead and he said Nimrat, Kulfi thinks it’s her imagination and then said I will ask him tomorrow morning and left. Kulfi got ready for school, Mohendar said Sikander must be tired let me take you, Kulfi thinks God I have to ask about Ma and said okay let’s go.

Lovely dropped Amyra to school and saw Mohendar arrive with Kulfi. Kulfi then walked to Amyra. Amyra said bye to lovely and left. Mohendar said bye to Kulfi, kulfi said bye to lovely but she ignored her. Mohendar asked lovely is it true, did you kill Nimrat.

Lovely said Sikander already calls me a murderer, why ask me, Mohendar said you have lied so many times, Sikander finds it hard to trust you so if you haven’t tell me, I am your only hope to talk to Sikander, lovely said I can try but your brother, and told the truth on how the accident took place.

Lovely said trust me, if you want to or else it’s all good. Kulfi was applauded in school for resuming school after her operation, she was happy, the teacher asked her to take a seat, her classmates offered her seat and she was very happy. Mohendar told Sikander the truth.

Sikander said don’t trust her she keeps lying to hide her mistakes, I know her plots very well, Mohendar said I know it but this time she isn’t, I spoke to her,she didn’t know it was Nimrat, Sikander said I don’t believe her, gunjan said me too. lovely can drop her standards to any level.

The teacher asked in class any doubts, Kulfi asked can I ask anything, she said sure, Kulfi asked what is divorce, ma’am walked to her and asked where did you hear this word, Kulfi said I heard lovely asking it from Sikander but no one was happy. Ma’am said don’t be affected by this word focus on your studies, Kulfi thinks it’s definitely some bad thing, everyone got scared listening to this word.

Mohendar asked gunjan to keep quite, Sikander asked gunjan what did she mean, gunjan said I won’t be quite, Mohendar said don’t believe her, Sikander asked what is it, gunjan said I didn’t fall by accident, Lovely did that to me, Sikander said what all is, why didn’t you tell me.

Mohendar said lovely just wanted to stop her, Sikander asked why, gunjan said so that I don’t tell you the truth, Sikander asked what truth, gunjan said kulfi isn’t Tevar’s daughter, Lovely was doing it purposely, I knew it, sikander said what all was happening and why was everyone hiding, Mohendar said it was just for Amyra, Kulfi and Amyra both are like daughters to us and so we kept quite, Mohendar took gunjan away.

Sikander felt guilty and said Lovely has done very bad with you and Nimrat, I won’t forgive her. The faculty started discussing about Lovely and Sikander, Amyra heared them talk and said this can’t happen, mom and dad can’t separate, Kulfi saw shaken Amyra, Amyra said go away dirty girl, why did you come and started insulting kulfi and blaming her for the divorce and separation and said because of you I have to choose one of them now and run away.

Kulfi was thinking about Amyra’s words, the security guard walked to Kulfi and asked if there is any issue between Sikander and lovely, because lovely is staying at chadda’s house, Kulfi scolded him,she then started thinking, does Sikander do that to everyone, as he is fighting with Lovely too and will divorce, what all is happening.

I have to talk to him,Kulfi rushed home and saw Amyra near the lift, Kulfi was getting into the lift but Amyra denied her entery,the guard forced Amyra to let her enter.

Precap : Mohendar scolded Sikander for blaming everything on lovely. Tony handed Lovely a call of divorce lawyer…Read more

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