Kulfi Finally Sees Her Father Bhola(Sikander). Little Singer Kulfi 9 March 2023, Thursday Pt1: Episode 321

Episode 321 of Little Singer Kulfi began with Chandan calling Pakya and informing him about Rocket’s appearance. Pakya confirmed the information, and Chandan asked him to keep an eye on Rocket and Kulfi.

Kulfi told Rocket that the voice she heard was her father’s, and she was happy but wondered why he had gone so far away and became Bhola. She decided to go to him and bring him back. Rocket advised her to be alert and suggested that she go to Nargis Park while he joined her later.

Meanwhile, Mohendar went to the studio to look for singing offers to lighten the burden on Kulfi. He was offered a chorus role and agreed to it. Pakya continued to follow Kulfi, while Rocket was keeping an eye on him. Rocket then threw a stone at a lady, and she thought it was Pakya who did it. She gathered a crowd and slapped Pakya. Rocket then approached Kulfi.

Later, Gunjan approached Mohendar and complained that she had fainted after taking some vitamin tablets that Lovely had exchanged. When she woke up, Lovely was around her and hitting her. Mohendar confronted Lovely about it, and she denied it. Gunjan accused Lovely of exchanging her tablets, but Lovely refused to explain herself. Rocket and Kulfi were searching for Bhola, and Kulfi said she had butterflies in her stomach.

Kulfi met Pakhi, who warned her that there was no Bhola and everyone was pretending. Kulfi shouted back at Pakhi. Suddenly, Bhola arrived and saved Pakya from the crowd. Pakya realized that Chandan was behind the lookalike, and he received a call from him. Chandan asked Pakya to forget Kulfi and find the lookalike first.

Kulfi approached Bhola, and they both hugged each other. Kulfi cried and told Bhola that she missed him and that he was her father, Sikander Singh Gill. Bhola denied being Sikander and said that he was Pakhi’s father. Kulfi was shocked, and Rocket suggested that Bhola was already worried and there was no need to lie. However, Bhola insisted that he was Pakhi’s father and left.

In the pre-cap, Kulfi wanted to share something about Baba with everyone…Read more

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