Kulfi To Protect Her Father From Chandan. Little Singer Kulfi 9 March 2023, Thursday Pt2: Episode 322

In episode 322 of Little Singer Kulfi, the story began with Kulfi singing a song with Bhola, Sikander’s lookalike. Kulfi was pleased with Bhola’s singing and asked him to sing with her Gurujeet. However, Bhola declined the offer and left with Pakhi, leaving Kulfi in tears. She wondered why Bhola was always distant with her, despite calling her an angel and completing her songs.

Meanwhile, Lovely showed Nandini the painkillers she found, which turned out to be drugs. Nandini urged Lovely to find out who supplied Sikander with the drugs and when he began taking them. Back at home, Kulfi decided to reveal the truth about Baba to everyone but got scared when Chandan walked in. However, to her surprise, Chandan apologized for his past behavior and asked for forgiveness from everyone, including Kulfi.

Elsewhere, Bhola and Pakhi were playing, and Nandini was studying when Bhola got stung by a bee but didn’t want to wake them up. Lovely found a visitor’s pass and saw that Sikander had gone to see Kamla at the Holy Hospital. She decided to talk to Nandini, who worked there.

The next day, Bhola was in pain, and Nandini scolded him for not waking her up. Nani saw Bhola taking care of Nandini and Pakhi, while Amyra thanked Chandan for enrolling her in a karate class. Kulfi also expressed her interest in joining the class to defend her loved ones. Chandan agreed, and Mohendar also gave his approval. Later, Lovely sent the visitor’s pass pick to Nandini.

Kulfi thought of using the karate class as an opportunity to meet Baba and seek his help. However, she knew she had to be cautious not to reveal his location. In the precap, Kulfi sang a song to Bhola while dressed in her sardarji outfit…Read more

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