Sikander Defeats Ajay With Kulfi’s Help. Little Singer Kulfi 9 May 2023, Tuesday Pt1: Episode 406


The episode began with Ajay being informed on a call by his boss to kill Sikander. Prakash called the security who are Ajays men and asked them to help Kulfi, he told them her story and he left. They informed Ajay that the girl has been found.

Kulfi heard it and said oh god. Sikander started shivering seeing the gun and Ajay said, you are such a coward but Sikander said, you wont understand a fathers pain, let me see my kids just once. Sikander then started thinking of Amyra, Kulfi,Lovely and all other family members.

Kulfi was also thinking about how she will get to Amyra. Ajay said, if this is so painful, why didn’t you kill CM. Sikander said, how will I, I am a singer not a criminal, let me meet my girls. Kulfi bit the security guard’s hand and ran away.

The Security informed Ajay that the Police were there. He responded, the police will be a hurdle in our plan, stop them. Lovely got to the competition venue and started cursing Tony. The Police informed the security that they have received helpline emergency calls thrice from there but the security tried to convince them not to go in. lovely then slowly sneaked in.

The Police agreed and left. Sikander begged them to leave Amyra and Ajay refused. Kulfi stumbled upon a god picture and she Kulfi thinks, it’s a sign, may be god is asking me to change the route.
Sikander was about to get shot when Kulfi came in and shouted his name and Ajay missed his aim.

Sikander took advantage of the situation, released himself and attacked Ajay, they both got into a fight, Sikander was about to kill Ajay when kulfi stopped him. He rushed to her, hugged her and they both left the room. Sikander asked, how did you know I was here? Kulfi replied, i am sorry but I came here looking for Amyra and I found you. I don’t know where Amyra is now.

Sikander said, I know where she is, she is near the stage somewhere. Sandy and the other kids from the community came there. Sandy told them a song was selected for the finals, Kulfi then narrated the whole story to Sikander. Sikander said, we will go on stage and sing, that is how we will get to Amyra.

Ajay’s mates found him and he said, make sure Sikander doesn’t find Amyra, we have to kill CM by his hands. Sikander and Kulfi were on stage disguised and singing their song, while they look for Amyra. Kulfi said, we can’t find her anywhere.

Sikander said let’s look elsewhere. Ajay was informed that Sikander is nowhere, what if the mission fails. Ajay saw Tony in the audience and said, Sikander ran away but Tony, you will Kill CM or else Amyra will be dead and handed Tony a gun.

Pre-cap: Sikander and Kulfi were looking for Amyra and Kulfi pointed at something to Sikander. Tony also took his position to kill CM…Read more

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