Sikander & Tevar Faces The Truth. Little Singer Kulfi 9 November 2022, Wednesday Pt1: Episode 150


The Episode started with Tevar saying Kulfi is my world, my blood, my first love’s sign, Kulfi made my life complete and Sikandar cried. Tevar went to get something, Sikandar thinks, shall I tell the truth to Tevar? and recalled Lovely, Kulfi, Sattu and Bebe’s words and he sat worried. Lovely cried recalling Sikandar’s words.

Tevar got the framed drawing and said Kulfi made this, she taught me that one who loves you is family, her belief is truth for me, relations are made by heart, not blood and Sikandar cried thinking of Amyra’s words. He held the frame and said, like Kulfi is your daughter, Amyra is my daughter, fine, forgive me, I couldn’t see how much you love Kulfi.

Mahindra came home and saw Lovely near the lift and she stopped him. She asked what were you saying to Sikandar, do you know why Sikandar wants to talk to Tevar. He said no. She said you would be knowing something, you can tell me what he is thinking. He asked why didn’t you tell me about Amyra. She asked how could I say.

He said if I knew it, I could have done something. She said you can’t do anything, now it’s easy for you to choose between Kulfi and Amyra, because Amyra isn’t Sikandar’s daughter. He said is that so, then Krishna isn’t Yashoda’s son. Sikandar said I can do anything for them. He thinks Tevar is a dad for Kulfi and I am a dad for Amyra, this will be the truth. He asked can we become friends. Tevar and Sikandar then shook hands.

Sikandar said I will always keep an eye on you. Tevar said I will face problems before Kulfi, I also want a promise, you take care of Amyra, she is my best friend. Sikandar cried and nodded. Kulfi came and said you don’t even care for me, I have grown up and don’t go to school and they laughed.

She said I just know ABCD, that’s too oral, I don’t even know hindi alphabets, when will I go to school and learn everything. They held their ears and said sorry. Sikandar said I should have sent you to school from the first day. Tevar said I promise you will go to school soon. They promised Kulfi and laughed. Sikandar said I will talk to Amyra’s school. She asked will you two send me to school together, without fighting?” They said sure. She became happy and danced with them.

Mahinder said don’t worry. Amyra is the daughter of this house, none can make her happy. Lovely thanked him and he blessed her. She asked will you do one more thing, don’t tell Gunjan and Bebe about this, I am already ashamed. He said I won’t tell anyone and left. Lovely said I don’t know what’s Sikandar is talking to Tevar about. Sikandar and Tevar were drinking and sitting on a swing.

Sikandar said if Kulfi sees, she won’t leave me. Tevar asked him to have one drink and they drank. Tevar said it was already little, you made it more. Sikandar asked do you want to say something. Tevar said you recalled Kulfi, not Amyra, it’s wrong, have a drink for Amyra too and they drank more. Tevar said one more thing is common between us. Sikandar said my wife isn’t a thing.

Tevar said sorry Sir, not your wife, music. Sikandar made the next drink and they drank. Sikandar asked if there was anything common between them. Tevar said Johny the dog, Billo. Sikandar laughed and drank with him. They both got drunk and walked on the road. Sikandar sang and took Tevar and they fell down.

A Constable came and asked them to go home and they left. Kulfi asked what are you hiding and they showed their hands one by one. She asked them to show hands at one time, they tried to hand over the bottle to each other. Tevar placed his hands forward. She saw the wine bottle and said such a big mess, you drink too?

Tevar said you get so angry. Kulfi asked Billo to tell Tevar not to act innocent. Sikandar said I have invited Kulfi and Tevar for lunch. Lovely said I am trying to make them away. Sikandar said don’t teach me, I am not mean, she then saw Tevar coming.

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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