Kulfi Catches Sikander & Tevar. Little Singer Kulfi 9 November 2022, Wednesday Pt2: Episode 151


The Episode started with Kulfi asking Sikandar and Tevar not to fight and she scolded them. She asked Sikandar to go home, he smiled and left. Tevar made an innocent face and placed down the bottle and left. Kulfi said I don’t want to grow up this way. Sikandar went home and Lovely said where were you, I was waiting for your decision, are you drunk, I will take you to the room. He move her away, left and fell asleep.

She cried and she also left. It’s morning, Amyra saw Sikandar’s hangover, Kulfi calleld her and asked about her dad. Amyra said yes, he has a hangover, when will you get educated. Kulfi said I spoke to them last night and now they are like this. Amyra said this happens in hangover, I will tell you. She made Kulfi guide the servant in making a lemonade. Amyra gave it to Sikandar while Kulfi gave hers to Tevar.

Kulfi gave a bath to Billo, Tevar came and said I am fine, I am feeling good now, you got so angry, won’t you talk. She asked Billo to tell dad not to act innocent, he doesn’t remember the promise. He said Billo, tell her that I don’t forget any promise, I will send her to school. She said I got ready early in the morning.

Tevar said you won’t get admission like this, we have to fill a form, you have to take an entrance exam, the school headmaster will question you, when you answer right, you will get admission. She asked if I knew the answer, why would I need to go to school. He got a call from Sikandar’s and said I was going to call you for Kulfi’s admission. Sikandar said yes, I spoke to Amyra’s school principal, she called us, we have to prepare Kulfi for the entrance test, you guys come over for dinner and Tevar said we will come.

Lovely saw Sikandar in the kitchen, he was cooking. She asked what are you doing, he said I invited Tevar and Kulfi for dinner. She said I am waiting for your answer, sorry, shake it off baby, what are you doing, you got drunk with Tevar and came home, I want to keep them away, will you tell Tevar about Amyra. He said I have got a big sin on my head, if I keep them away, it will be bad, I am not so mean.

She asked what will you do. He said I will wait, Tevar is Amyra’s dad, he loves Amyra a lot even when he doesn’t know this, I want this relation to get strong, when these girls grow up, when they can take decisions on own, I will tell them the truth, maybe they will be friends. She asked what’s the need, he said it’s the truth, if I had a daughter, I would also like to know the truth, he left and she cried. Amyra placed her new toys for Kulfi.

Lovely asked what’s this, you don’t like Kulfi right. Amyra said she isn’t a dirty girl now, I like her. Lovely asked don’t you care now. Amyra said no, if dad loves Kulfi, he loves me more, I also hang out with Tevar. Lovely asked how can you like her now. Amyra said Kulfi is honest, she will soon come to my class, dad said he will get her admission in my school. Lovely said it means whatever bad she did to you, you forgot and you like it. Amyra said yes, she isn’t so bad, her mom has taught her a lot, like cooking, drawing… Lovely said enough and left. Amyra said what happened to mom.

Tevar said we have come to Sikandar’s house, Kulfi said I can’t come till Sikandar asked me to come. He said he has invited you here, come. She said no, he shouted Sikandar ji. Sikandar and everyone came. Sikandar asked what happened. Tevar said Kulfi is saying she won’t come in, you asked her not to come. Sikandar called Kulfi Pari, Amyra said Pari, then fly and come and Tevar laughed.

Sikandar asked Kulfi to come, she asked him to call off his swear first, he recalled his words and said fine, done. She said not this way,she taught him and he did so.He kissed her hand and got her in. Tevar held Amyra’s hand and came in and Lovely became shocked. Everyone dined, Sikandar asked Kulfi to learn everything soon. Tevar said then Kulfi will study. Kulfi thinks I will also read what’s written in the paper.

Tevar said I don’t like Saag,Amyra said me too. Sikandar and Lovely looked on. Sikandar said but I like Saag a lot. Kulfi said Mittu and they laughed. Amyra said me too, Kulfi said same thing, Sikandar sang and everyone smiled. Kulfi also sung along. Sikandar and Kulfi cried while singing, Tevar smiled and danced with Amyra. Lovely cried with tension. Sikandar hugged Kulfi while Tevar and Amyra smiled.

Sikandar greeted Tevar, Kulfi hugged Amyra. Tevar said we are going for a picnic and they run. Tevar said they both went on their own and smiled….Read more

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