Little Singer Kulfi On Adom Tv Full Story Plot


Little Singer Kulfi On Adom Tv tells the story of young girl Kulfi who aspires to be a singer like her unknown father and her quest to finding who her father is.

Little Singer Kulfi – The Story

Budding singer Sikandar Singh Gill falls in love with and secretly marries villager Nimrat Bhatia, who lives in Pathankot. But as forced to choose between Nimrat and his career, Sikandar goes on to latter and leaves her, unaware she is pregnant. He then marries the rich Lovely Chaddha.

8 years Later On Little Singer Kulfi

Lovely has spoiled Amyra, her daughter. Nimrat’s daughter Kullfi, unaware Sikandar is her father, aspires to be singer like him. Nihalo hates but wants to cash in on her talent. Suffering cancer, Nimrat gets hit by Lovely’s car and dies. Nihalo plans to sell Kullfi for her talent, but Sattu helps her escape.

Disguised as a boy, Kullfi enters Mumbai and reaches accidentally Sikandar’s home. Lovely keeps her to use her voice to make Amyra singer successfully. She discloses Nimrat bore a daughter but gets Sikandar promise to not look out for her. He decides to teach Amyra and Kullfi music.

His brother, Mahinder finds out that Kullfi is Sikandar’s daughter but is forced by their mother Sushila to keep the secret. Enters singer Tevar Singh, Lovely’s ex-boyfriend. Amyra turns out to be their daughter through past affair. Sikandar learns Kullfi is a girl. Lovely threatens Mahinder that she will kill herself and Amyra if he reveals the truth about Kullfi’s parentage to Sikandar.

Lovely misleads Tevar that Kullfi is their child and Nimrat adopted her. Tevar decides to formally adopt her. Lovely’s plan works and Kullfi leaves to live with Tevar. Sikandar infers that Amyra is his step-daughter. Lovely implores him to accept her. Sattu tells Kullfi that Sikandar is her father. Insecure, Lovely poisons Amyra and manipulates everyone into agreeing to send Kullfi to boarding school.

Sikandar realises Kullfi is his daughter. Lovely sends her off to a juvenile remand home. Supervisor Ammaji mistreats Kullfi, who befriends some children. Gradually, they escape and visit Sikandar, who not accepts Kullfi due to his promise to Amyra. Shocked, she runs away. Ashamed of his doings, Sikandar decides to win back Kullfi, who defeats Amyra in a singing contest, becoming the winner.

Few months later

Sikandar loses his memory in an accident and due to some misunderstandings, Chandan Chor takes his place. Sikandar lives with Dr. Nandini and her daughter Pakhi. Being a divorcée, she tells Pakhi that Sikandar is her father. He regains his memory. The family unites. Sikandar confesses Kullfi is his daughter. Proven guilty for killing Nimrat, Lovely is jailed.

End Of Little Singer Kulfi

Jimmy causes chaos in Sikandar, Kullfi and Amyra’s lives, getting them evicted out their home and Amyra kidnapped. Lovely returns to help them in saving Amyra. Sikandar learns his health is deteriorating and he will die soon so he tries to make things better for Kullfi and Amyra. Later, they get their home back from Jimmy. Lovely wants to get rid of Kullfi once again. She turns Amyra against Kullfi.

Meanwhile, Kullfi meets Chalu who aids her in exposing Lovely, uniting with Amyra and treating Sikandar. Jimmy tries to kill Sikandar. Realising her mistakes and taking his place, Lovely dies. In the end, Sikandar happily sings with Kullfi and Amyra as they stare up to the stars where Kullfi says their mothers are among stars now.

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