Lost In Love 15 May 2023 Update On Monday

Lost in adoration on starlife Monday 15 May 2023 update, Virat lets Sai know that she took an ideal choice and her Aaba should be pleased with her. Sai thanks him. Virat asserts that if he doesn’t express his gratitude to her for treating his son, who was previously unable to walk but is now able to run, he won’t be able to win her over for the rest of his life. Sai says if he has any desire to genuinely say thanks to her, he shouldn’t allow their own lives to meddle their expert life and go about as a genuine expert at work.

He makes promises and shakes hands. She leaves without extending her hand. He thinks back to Pakhi’s request to decline the commissioner’s offer. He tells Pakhi when he gets back home that he needs to talk. Pakhi claims that she and Vinu have planned a movie party on the terrace and are making snacks for them. He says actually needs to talk. Pakhi continues her exuberance by describing Vinu’s upcoming extracurricular classes.

Seeing Virat’s tense state, the family gathers and inquires if anything happened at the police station. Pakhi inquires as to whether magistrate is disturbed after he declined his proposal to work with Sai. Virat claims that he agreed. Bhavani yells at Sai, claiming that she must have coerced Virat into accepting the offer. Virat claims that Sai agreed first. Hearing that makes Pakhi tense.

She says to Sonali that she has no control over Virat at all. Savi congratulates Sai and states that Sai’s ancestor worked in a police department. Now that Sai is a police officer, and she will soon, there will be three officers at home. Usha tells Sai that Kamal daada/Aaba would be proud of her, but Sai says she acted in a situation and is prepared to deal with the consequences. Usha fears that Sai would be.

Pakhi breaks things in her room to let out her anger. She is calmed down by Virat as he approaches her. Pakhi yells what will she hear. Virat asserts that she is insecure. Pakhi claims that when he and his family were against her, she brought his ex-wife from Kankauli to Nagpur to treat Vinu; Instead, he experiences feelings of insecurity and recalls how he bought a necklace for his current wife to make his ex-wife feel insecure in a jewelry store; he is attempting to ride on 2 boats;

She is the only one caring for their son; He used her to satisfy his own ego and was always egotistical; Forget the beds; even then, she continues to have one-sided relationships and tolerates insults, among other things. Their hearts have never been united. Virat asks how she came to believe that Savi is nothing to him and that Savi is her daughter. He inquires if she would have any issues working with any other female doctors in the future.

Pakhi asserts that a female doctor is not the same as a Sai; She boasted that her husband never fails to fulfill his commitments. She keeps venting out her disappointment. Virat yells at her to stop and says he never crossed his cutoff points and won’t ever do that, she ought to trust him and shouldn’t bring ther nobility between his obligation, she is his significant other and he will constantly regard her in that sense. Virat gets to the office. Sai accepts duty. Virat briefs her about her obligation.

Sai makes suggestions for the changes that need to be made while he is seated at a front desk. He requests that she make a report and submit it. Virat is confronted by Constable, who informs him that Pakhi did not send him tiffin and appears enraged. According to Virat’s subordinate, Virat can share his tiffin because even his wife sometimes gets angry and doesn’t feed her for two days. Virat says that’s fine.

Pakhi arrives with Virat’s lunch and congratulates Sai on accepting her new position. Sai says thanks to her and return to her work area. Pakhi serves lunch to Virat and says even she didn’t have food since the previous evening after their battle, however Virat didn’t waste any time trying to inquire.

Virat inquires as to whether she at any point asked him. Pakhi claims that he hasn’t even worked with his ex-wife yet. She clears Virat’s lips to cause Sai to feel envious. Virat experiences discomfort.

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