Lost In Love 20 May 2023 Update On Saturday

Lost in adoration on starlife Saturday twentieth May 2023 update, Savi requests that Sai prepare for their most memorable outing and says she needn’t bother with any reasons. On December 8th, she announces it.

Sai drops water glass in shock. Usha inquires about the event. Vinayak illuminates family about pinic. Virat talks about the games they’ll play at the picnic. Pakhi claims that she will play with Vinu and learn kho kho.

Savi asks Sai to buy them, Vinu, and Virat, pink dresses. Sai requests that she pay attention to her cautiously without overcompensating. Vinu is sent away after Virat tells him to go get his picnic bag ready. Then he informs Pakhi that she is unable to attend pinic. Savi is informed by Sai that she is undergoing training and will take her to the water park and pizza party when she returns from her course.

Pakhi inquires about Virat’s inability to attend the picnic, which is only open to children and their parents. Virat says he doesn’t want any more drama in front of other kids and their parents and wants to forget their fight last night. Pakhi inquires as to why he was roaming the house of his ex-wife without a T-shirt, claiming that instead he is creating drama. Bhavani inquires if he was indeed.

Pakhi shouldn’t have talked about it in front of everyone, Virat claims, because his daughter vomited on his T-shirt. Their debate goes on. Because he doesn’t want Pakhi’s filthy thinking and drama to continue over there, Virat becomes insistent that she will not attend the picnic. Pakhi is speechless as he leaves. Pakhi is comforted by Bhavani.

Sai attempts to persuade Savi, yet Savi gets unyielding. Sai says that Savi can go with her brother and father because she values them more than Sai does. Savi begs her not to say that and regretfully states that she will not accompany her to the picnic. Sai says that they will all have a great time. Savi keeps appearing depressed.

Ninad reprimands Virat her conjugal clash with Pakhi and says assuming that their concerns emerge from bed room, their relationship endures. Virat asserts that Pakhi was the one who started it all; she is insecure, and instead of asking Sai first, she caused trouble at Sai’s house by seeing him without a shirt. Ashwini says he likewise did same show before when he saw Ajinkya in Sai’s room when he had visited sick Sai.

Virat reminisces about the incident. Ninad claims that they are aware that Virat loved Sai but was insecure at the time, and that even Pakhi loves him very much and has always accepted his acts without condition; with Savi’s entrance, he has 2 universes, however Pakhi has just 1 world and her desirous and unreliable inclination is self-evident; why he is unable to make Pakhi feel at ease.

Sai is reminded by Usha that Kamal used to let her go on picnics and that she used to pack Sai’s bags. Usha also tells Sai that Savi didn’t have any food. Sai says the picnic won’t be on December 8th. Usha asks what is exceptional on that date. Pakhi cries checking out at her and Virat’s wedding pic.

Virat holds her tears and attempts to talk. Pakhi inquires as to when he last spoke to her normally. Virat inquires about her meaning. Pakhi says they were battling before his folks, she had guaranteed them to keep the family joined together, however she can’t deal with her own relationship now; Virat doesn’t know what he did today—he stopped Vinu from going to the picnic, called Vinu’s mother a bad mother and wife, and so on—insulting not only his wife.

Virat says she is correct, he shouldn’t have done this to his life’s most notable individual. Pakhi asks if she understood correctly or if he was referring to someone else. Virat says that she is the most important person in his life and begs her to stop making fun of him.

Pakhi asserts that he would not have disobeyed her requests and allowed Vinu to prepare a project at their home if he had considered this, as she is aware that Sai is their most significant relationship. Virat inquires as to how Sai got between them now. Pakhi asserts that Sai never left their lives and that she is more than just a significant person to him, regardless of whether he believes it.

Virat claims that Sai is merely his daughter’s mother. Pakhi asks him to pick between her and the mother of his daughter.

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