Lost In Love 22 May 2023 Update On Monday

On the Starlife Monday, May 22, 2023 update, Sai is in love and happier than ever. Vinu arrives on time and informs his mother that she is stunning and that he will call her tai, or elder sister. Pakhi asks what will he call his baba.

Vinu says that Baba looks the same way every time. Virat stimulates him. Vinu claims that Savi does not return his calls. Despite Virat’s claim that Savi will not be attending, all three of them are going and will enjoy themselves. Virat asks, “Where is Savi?” Virat and Pakhi console him.

Sai plans modak and snacks and embellishes house for Savi’s birthday. She surprises Savi and wishes her blissful birthday. savi inquires as to whether its her birthday. Savi is prepared in traditional Maharastrian attire when Sai says yes. Pakhi, Virat, and Vinu descend. Family acclaims Pakhi, Sonali wistles and says Pakhi is seeming to be a courageous woman today.

Ashwini claims that she resembles an angel. Virat is mocked by Sonali for appearing to be the father of two children and for taking them on a picnic. Virat asserts that it is unfair that she is praising Pakhi while dragging his feet. Bhavani kisses Pakhi’s temple and says she is extremely glad for them, the two of them ought to make their relationship more solid.

Ninad lets Virat know that he feels great seeing Virat heeding his guidance and attempting to fix things. Bhavani requests that they go at this point. They all depart.

Savi lets Sai know that she neglected its her birthday. Sai claims that she was wondering why Usha and Savi both forgot the 8th of December.

Usha claims to have remembered her birthday based on her horoscope. When Savi sees her birthday cake, she gets excited. They are taken aback when a clown walks in.

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