Lost In Love 23 May 2023 Update On Tuesday

Lost in affection on starlife Tuesday 23rd May 2023 update, Sai celberates Savi’s birthday. Entryway chime rings. Savi opens the entryway, sees a comedian standing, and asks who is he. Comedian jokes and says a lady called him. Sai calls Usha and inquires as to whether she called him. Usha says no.

Clown claims he was invited by another lady. Sai contends. Savi goes to the clown, takes off his fake nose, and says that it’s Jaggu or Jagtap. According to Jagtap, she was easy to recognize. Sai inquires about his activity here. Jagtap inquires as to how he can miss his junior master’s birthday.

Savi feels cheerful and takes him in, leaving Sai glaring. Jagtap says her birthday cake is so great. Savi asks what did he bring for her. Jagtap claims that he will occupy her and is a present for her. He is referred to as “mama” or “uncle” by Savi. He runs around her and asks her not to call her mama. Savi’s happiness makes Usha smile.

Vinu, Pakhi, and Virat drive toward a picnic spot with him. They try to cheer Vinu up, but he doesn’t smile because he misses Savi. Virat explains why he isn’t feeling well by saying that they are going to a picnic after a long time. Vinu says it would have been exceptional assuming that Savi had went with him. Savi also complains that Vinu and Virat are unaware that her birthday is coming up.

Jagtap says he will illuminate them. Sai cautions him not to make any issue once more. Entryway chime rings. When Jagtap opens the door, Virat is standing there. Virat inquires about him. Jagtap reveals his identity and mocks the kind of policeman he is by asking how he will identify disguised criminals if he cannot identify his known victims. Virat enters the room to see a birthday decoration and ignores him with arrogance.

Savi is overjoyed to see him and inquires if he was aware of her birthday. Virat says her mother didn’t illuminate him about her birthday and asks her to inquiry her mom. Savi inquires of Sai.

Sai remains motionless. Virat inquires as to whether she might want to go with him to cookout. Sai queries Savi. Virat says its her day and she ought to take a choice. He greets her on her birthday.

She hugs him and thanks him. Virat says he would have missed his little girl’s most memorable birthday as a result of Sai and requests that Sai proceed to prepare for cookout. Savi looks for Sai’s consent. Sai does not speak.

It’s Virat’s order, he says. To get Savi ready, Usha takes her in.

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