Lost In Love 24 May 2023 Update On Wednesday

Lost in Love on Starlife on May 24, 2023: Ashwini receives a package. Ninad inquires about her order. Ashwini says that she is joining their beds in order to unite Pakhi and Virat; She reminds Virat of his efforts to reunite them and informs them that it is their turn to do so; otherwise, Virat and Pakhi will never meet again.

Ninad inquires as to whether one of them go out to rest. Ashwini asks him to stop having negative thoughts and promises to lock the room from the outside if they try to sleep apart again. Sai is asked to pack Savi’s cake by Jagtap so that she can share it with her friends.

He is warned by Virat to avoid calling his daughter by her name. After that, he yells at Sai that she had planned to celebrate her birthday with her filthy friend without telling him that it was the birthday of his daughter. He is stopped by Jagtap, who tells him that he should beat him if he wants to because it was his fault that he entered Sai’s house uninvited.

The attempt to hit Virat continues Virat’s arrogant behavior. Jagtap is sent away after Sai stops him.

Virat continues to rant at Sai about how daring she is to conceal his daughter’s birthday, promising to demonstrate his power. During her birthday, Sai says she doesn’t want toxic people who hate Savi around.

Virat inquires as to whether she implies he and his significant other are destructive to Savi. Sai claims that she never said that. Virat yells at her if she means that Pakhi is more dangerous than Jagtap and goes on.

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