Lost In Love 31 May 2023 Update On Wednesday

ost in love on Starlife Wednesday, May 31, 2023 update: Monday and Tuesday will not receive any new updates because our updates are ahead of schedule. Chief proceeds with the challenge and asks Virat what is Sai’s main tune. What, in Savi’s opinion, must be Aayi’s favorite song? Everyone claps for Virat and Sai as they write down Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyar Mein, and Pakhi is upset.

Chief commendations Virat for offering every one of the responses right this time and declares that the ruler father and sovereign mother’s title goes to Savi’s folks. Savi and Vinayak get excited and jump. Virat and Sai, the principal crowns. Sai is requested to sign Ghum Hai once by Savi. Sai expresses not here. Vinu demands Virat to sing. Pakhi exerts great effort to control her feelings. Virat and Sai sing Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein.. tune. Clap in support of them all.

Pakhi is asked to take a picture of Savi and her parents. Pakhi reluctantly concurs and snaps a picture. Savi asks her to show the picture and asks if she can take a better one. Sai invites Vinu and Pakhi to join Virat and Savi and promises to take their picture. Pakhi is also called Virat. Sai clicks their pic with overwhelming sadness next and leaves there. Vinayak declares that he will publish this image in his DP. While Vinu inquires about Virat’s knowledge of Sai, Pakhi sits aside and weeps.

Virat claims to have learned more about Sai since meeting her a few days ago. Vinu claims to have been living with Pakhi for a long time; therefore, he does not know much about her. Virat examines Sai’s expression. Vinu and Savi are contacted by the teacher for refreshment. Sai tells Virat that she doesn’t know of a situation he created in which anything he says would hurt Pakhi or her, that Pakhi is hurt and embarrassed now because of his behavior, and that he should go help her feel better.

With Ninad, Ashwini heads toward camp, worried that Virat might get closer to Savi because of all the incidents. Ninad requests that she quit speculation pessimistic as their child is a fair man, legit individuals follow their obligations, and Pakhi is Virat’s liability. Ashwini says men attempt to conceal things, there is something many refer to as affection which is a higher priority than obligation, men will not comprehend that book information won’t work before heart.

When the picnic is over, everyone gets on a bus. Vinu is seated next to Pakhi, and Virat asks him to let him sit with him. Pakhi irately inquires as to for what reason don’t he proceed to sit on the opposite side, close to Sai. Vinu goes to play with Savi and Sai. Virat sits other than Pakhi and says she was wearing a jasmine, musk, and sandalwood fragrance when they met interestingly. Pakhi inquires if he recalls that. Virat says he remembers everything about their meeting and asks her if she still uses a power bank because her hair was shorter then.

Pakhi inquires as to whether he is attempting to intrigue her by attempting to portray their most memorable gathering, then he shouldn’t. She says when he previously saw her, he was performing pooja for Bhavani and knew every family’s horoscope; She assumed that if he was so attached to his family, he would also be attached to his wife; He is not the same person who doesn’t know anything about his wife at all; even an employee at a boutique knows what color she likes, so he is just trying to cover up his error by talking forcefully; He only needed to be physically and mentally there for her, but he didn’t even notice her.

Vinu requests that Savi play with him as Savi is cheating. Sai checks Pakhi’s crying face out. Virat offers hanky to Pakhi. She turns it down. Transport gets penetrated and driver loses its control.

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