Lost In Love 9 May 2023 Update On Tuesday

On the Starlife Tuesday, May 9, 2023, update, Virat tells Pakhi that he feels as though Savi and Vinu should attend the same school as he did. Pakhi inquires as to whether he was aware of his school from the beginning, as to why he was unable to obtain Vinu’s admission there previously, and as to why this concept suddenly occurred in his mind when Sai obtained Savi’s admission there; She was the sole caregiver for Vinu, and she will not allow Virat to influence the future of her son.

She inquires as to whether Vinu isn’t concentrating on well in his current everyday schedule is anything missing in her childhood. Virat asks her to come to his school and check it out once, claiming that he is not questioning her upbringing. Pakhi claims that she would not have spoken up had it not been about her son, but now it is about her son, and she will not allow anything bad to happen to him. If Vinu is not his son, Virat wonders if he is.

After dropping Savi off at Sai’s house from school, Virat bids her farewell. Savi demands him to remain back and inquires as to whether he is her dad just on paper. Sai asserts that Vinayak ought to return to his own family. Savi begins to weep. Virat accepts to remain at home tonight. Vinu asserts that even he will. Savi gives him a happy hug and says that she, like other kids, has a complete family.

Pakhi sees that it was her nightmare when she opens her eyes. Vinu approaches her and inquires if he will attend Savi’s school starting tomorrow. He is sent out after Pakhi yells at him that he will not go anywhere. Ashwini comes in and tells her to settle down, stop blaming her son for her husband’s annoyance, relax, and think about it. If she broadens her perspective, she won’t find anything wrong with the decision.

Savi is prepared for school by Sai. Savi says she will assist Vinu dada with getting school uniform and books and tie his books. She is asked to go bind her books first by Sai. When Savi is happy, Usha wonders why she is unhappy. Sai asks how might she be cheerful in the wake of detecting forthcoming issues; When she refused to send Savi to Vinu’s school, Virat got Vinu into Savi’s school.

Virat doesn’t care about his wife’s opinion, as he did with Pakhi before. Usha claims to be overthinking everything. Sai asserts that she is describing what she observed—namely, that Virat was paying more attention to Savi and her at the party, and she is convinced Pakhi must be having issues with this. Pakhi calls her and invites her to a restaurant to meet him.

Vinayak receives ice cream from Virat. Vinayak won’t have it and says let us go from here. Virat inquires if Pakhi is depressed by his actions. Mama scolded Vinayak as if he were a bad boy when he asked what was wrong if he wanted to go to Savi’s school. Because he made the decision to change Vinu’s school without consulting Pakhi, Virat claims to be a bad boy. He makes Vinu feel better and has ice cream with him. He sees Sai escaping the vehicle and getting into a bistro supposes on the off chance that she came to meet Jagtap. After that, Pakhi enters the cafe. Virat thinks what is happening.

By mistake, Ashwini gives Bhavani the wrong medication. She is teased by Bhavani. Ashwini is sorry. Bhavani says she heard Ashwini chided Pakhi a great deal. Ashwini doesn’t say much because Pakhi is her daughter. Pakhi scolded him unnecessarily and made him angry. Bhavani claims that while Ashwini had previously backed Pakhi, the current situation is the opposite; she flaunts that she can see whatever is going on in this house.

Pakhi ought to have spoken up for her right a long time ago, and she ought to fight before Sai takes her right away. Sai and Pakhi meet at a bistro. Sai orders a black coffee, while Pakhi orders green tea. According to Sai, their choices have now changed. Pakhi says one shouldn’t fail to remember their place. Sai says she knows.

Pakhi says she doesn’t need Savi and Vinayak concentrating on in same school. Sai says that she wants to leave Nagpur because she knows there will be problems in the future and that Virat will be more lenient toward Savi. She doesn’t want problems in her life, so she wanted to move there.

Pakhi says she is glad that Virat got his little girl Savi, however she doesn’t believe Virat should get Vinayak out of his school in scholastic year and consequently believes Sai should move to Kankaul with Savi.

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