Macoy Dies As Raymond Sh00ts Him. Heart And Soul


Heart And Soul Thursday, 2 December 2021 episode begins with Macoy comforting Crisan and asking her not to be so angry but control herself. Cheska goes to her and consoles her too.

Crisan was very angry and said she never thought Diego could betray her that much.  Diego goes home and finds his mother weeping and bleeding. She asks who did that to her and she replies that it was Raymond who hurt her. 

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Diego became very angry and started cursing himself because all this is a result of him trusting Raymond blindly. Diego’s mother consoles him. Diego tells his mother and James that he is very sorry for what he did, and he can’t even forgive himself. Diego regrets helping Raymond and weeps bitterly. 

At home, Cheska tells Geraldine the whereabouts of Raymond. She asks them to come so they will go and inform the police about it. She is sorry for what might happen to Diego, but they’re not doing this for their family, but are just putting things right. Raymond goes to meet his men. 

Diego still lived in regrets and remembers the lie Raymond told him that made him believe that he has truly changed.

 Lilian goes to Diego and tells him to stop hurting himself. Just then, James informed them that the police were at the door. Diego asks his mother and James to wait, and he confronts the police himself. They have a search warrant and show it to Diego that they have come to search the house for Raymond De Villa. 

Geraldine, Crisan, Cheaka and Macoy get down from the car. Geraldine asks where Raymond is, and Raymond replies that he has run away from the house. Crisan scolds Diego very much. The police searched and realized that they had searched thoroughly but didn’t see him. 

Crisan asks Raymond where he had hidden him, but he said he doesn’t know his whereabouts. Geraldine tells Diego that she is very disappointed in him. He expected that he would report to the police and not hide him but Raymond has let her down. Lilian speaks on behalf of Raymond. Geraldine slaps Lilian and leaves. Black lady congratulated Cheska for spiking up fire between Diego and Crisan. Crisel taunts them. 

Diego calls Crisan severally but she wouldn’t answer. Noli tells her Diego is calling. He said so Diego could do that to her? Upon all that Raymond has made them go through. Diego goes to see Alan who was still unconscious in the ICU. He tells him he is very sorry for betraying them. 

Crisan takes a walk in the park as Geraldine and Genny speak in the house. With Geraldine saying she is very disappointed in Diego, she never thought Diego of all people would do that. She receives a call from Vincent who said he needs her to come to the hospital. Geraldine asks if it’s bad news and he replies that it’s not bad news though. Flashback shows the moment Raymond goes to Diego’s room and what happened. How Macoy destroyed everything. 

Crisan comes and informs Cheska that Vincent called them to the hospital to check on their father. Cheska feigned excuses saying he doesn’t know Alan and doesn’t want to be a part of the family. Black lady reminded her she has to behave like Crisel. But Cheska said black lady should let her be. 

Geraldine goes to the hospital to see Vincent, she realizes that Alan is back to life. 

Heart And Soul Episode 128

The episode begins with Macoy stopping a taxi and getting inside. Raymond’s goons follow him. Macoy arrives at the hospital and goes to see Crisan. Macoy and Crisan started walking as Raymond watched on.  Macoy tells Crisan he is sorry for whatever happened because he didn’t know that would be the cause. Crisan remembers the moment when Noli tells her to give Macoy a chance in her life. They hugged heavily. Raymond gets down from his car and calls Macoy. Geraldine in the hospital hugged Alan and told him she was very happy to see him again…….Read more