Made For Each Other 30 May 2023 Update On Tuesday

On the Starlife Tuesday, May 30th, 2023 update, Anurag and Prerna argue. He claims that you will always be a weak woman, but let me tell you, my architect did not provide me with a development plan; you will not receive the signs on this paper, and your company will fail. Prerna says you are correct, you didn’t get the papers, I lost the papers in that occurrence, I will go to Sudeep and it will be agreed upon.

He claims that I was always the center of your life. She asserts that I was a fool, but now the game is mine, and even the moves. You will be destroyed. You have always made fun of my feelings, emotions, and trust. There is a concept known as karma, and one must bear the consequences. Bad things will happen to you. You will beg me, and you won’t get sympathy. Love and war are fair. You made me cry, and now you will cry.

He says the normal, worn out way of thinking, am I a youngster, grow up, I understood, whatever occurs throughout everyday life, how about you leave me, in the event that you disdain me, stroll off from here, leave, I m conversing with you young lady. She tells me not to be called that. He says loosen up young lady. She advises reading the newspaper tomorrow. He tells her to look at the column for her zodiac sign: “I will leave, I will pay the bill, my treat.” He goes. She likewise leaves.

She believes that I despise him, that everything was a lie, that I am stupid, that he realized his error, that I felt bad when he became concerned, and that I was not happy. Berries come with Sneha. Prerna receives her kerchief. Prerna reviews Anurag. Toota hua to kya… .plays… . Sneha/Samita asks her for what valid reason is she crying, did you lose anything. Prerna remembers Sneha’s passing.

As Anurag watches, Sneha says on the off chance that you lost something, you will get it. Prerna says no, I considered something not mine. Samita claims that I was confused. I’m happy, Prerna says. Samita claims that you have misunderstood me, and it’s your remaining money. Prerna says keep it. Samita requests that she take it. She says I don’t have any idea who was my mum, perhaps I heard this, individual needs to bear the outcomes of his own decisions. Prerna says that you said you don’t know your mother.

Samita says Maasi says I gained this from my belly, she doesn’t say regarding my mum, she says she will let me know when perfect opportunity comes, she knows where is my mum. Prerna returns the bandanna. She gets the call from Sudeep. She is asked to leave by Samita. She says I like to meet you.

Prerna adds, “I also.” She goes. As Anurag watches, Kaushik says I have thought well, I m not her BF, but rather she educated wrong concerning me. Anurag agrees to share the berries with Samita. He says no, you’re starving. He says it can be shared by two people. Anurag reviews Prerna. He asserts that the baby’s heartbeat matches mine, and it’s beneficial for two people to share everything. He says, “Come, I’m hungry, even the baby is hungry.” FB ends. He queries the source. She says I heard it some place, as in my mum’s belly. He caresses her.

She says that you also smile while you cry. He says that sometimes defeat brings happiness; today I experienced that happiness. She claims I was misled by you. She hands him the kerchief so he can wipe his tears. He gives her the kerchief back in appreciation. He says you are excellent.

She states, “I know, I’ll go get food.” Sudeep says I have endorsed on Prerna’s record, there is no expectation for benefit in your shopping center arrangement. Anurag ponders. Everyone gets sweets from Prerna. Kajal asks Mahesh to talk to her because she seems happy. Prerna queries Shivani. Veena says all is great, simply sit back and relax. Kuki expresses gratitude for the wonderful family that you provided for her.

Prerna says Shivani was very much like you, however presently, she doesn’t talk, I feel like something is upsetting her. I used to be cute and smart, according to Kuki. I met a cute kid today, and Prerna claims that you are still a kid. Kuki’s questions are cuter than mine. Prerna says OK, she is a youngster.

She gets a call from Mr. Bajaj. He congratulates you, saying, “I heard you got the papers,” noting that you accomplished what you wanted. I want to hear his voice, Kuki claims. He claims that you will be at peace today; I believe you deservingly deserve a celebration; see you. She appreciates him. Kuki says it implies, its a major achievement, I will bring champagne.

At the bar, Anurag and his friend have a drink. Shivani comes. Kuki says we are observing Prerna’s arrangement. She leaves. Shivani inquires about your achievements. Prerna says Anurag’s loss. You are delighted when Shivani inquires about how you first started defeating him.

The person inquires as to for what reason are you celebrating today. Anurag says I believed somebody should celebrate, gratitude for coming, I m glad for Prerna. He consumes. I should be happy, according to Prerna, but I’m not. According to Shivani, when love breaks up, there is a lot of hatred. This is also a new relationship. We like to see people in pain, but we feel bad for them. Prerna claims that he betrayed her, and she adds, “I promise to ruin him.” Prerna cheers.

Anurag stated that she would be celebrating with her family and friends, that she had won the contest, that I had lost, and that her happiness was priceless. If you make someone happy, that is the greatest happiness. Prerna figures Anurag would be in torment today. Shivani believes that unlike Anurag’s pain, your happiness does not appear in your eyes. Prerna says I m not annoyed for him. Anurag asserts that she is happy, so there is no sadness because she is content. He asks Prerna if she is content. He says that love means winning, and I want to see her happy.

Prerna claims that if he is destroyed, I will be content. You can’t be happy about Anurag’s pain, Shivani says, because it’s hard to hate someone you love. Samita converses with Bappa about gathering two individuals today. Mr. Bajaj visits Komolika at his residence. She says you’re here; he says I sent you a message. She inquires as to for what reason did you need to meet me. He says, “I wanted to warn you, think ten times before saying anything about my wife.” He also says, “I know you are frustrated, and I have no interest in seeing your face.” She asserts that an intelligent man will lose his intelligence if he falls in love.

He asserts, “I know Prerna,” which is the truth. “Don’t blame Prerna,” he warns. “I’m sorry to disturb you, but I can’t come tomorrow because we have Prerna’s achievement party tomorrow at our house, and you won’t be happy to know that.” He goes. She figures what did she do now, that I don’t have any idea. Standing in the rain, Anurag thinks back to Prerna. His friend asks him to come, and Ek Dhaage plays. Anurag says she has helped me to partake in the downpours.

The man inquires who. Anurag says Prerna. Prerna, Shivani informs you, enjoys the rain. Prerna reviews Anurag. Anurag enters the vehicle and states, “Prerna got me out of the car and made me stand in the rain. I just looked at her, Prerna and her smile, it was beautiful. I fell in love with this rain. She taught me to find happiness in the smallest things. I changed then.” Prerna and Anurag grasp the downpour drops. Prerna is seen in the balcony when Mr. Bajaj returns home. He grins seeing her. He approaches her and grabs the raindrops. She turns to look at him.

She says Mr. Bajaj, and he says it’s hard to avoid you. He goes. He is returned to Anurag by his friend. Sid has my gratitude. Anurag is smashed. He requests that Sid accompany him, they will talk more. Komolika says its OK, gratitude for bringing him home. Sid goes. She inquires as to whether he met Sudeep. We will talk tomorrow, Anurag promises. The door is shut by him.

She claims that tomorrow won’t be a good day for you. Anurag thinks I need to be with Prerna’s recollections, I miss her a ton, she will continuously be my life. He thinks of her as Main Tumhara Raha plays. Prerna inquires as to why you stated that it is difficult to avoid me. Mr. Bajaj claims that I had to say a dramatic line because you chased me, that I saved myself from a tedious job, that I did not say anything wrong, that I can’t avoid you, that it is your success party, and that I will be with you, and that you have all the answers. She asks what will I say.

He tells me to say something I don’t understand. She says I felt… He says that I love you such a lot of that I have zero control over my sentiments, the facts confirm that I love you a ton, but at the same time it is actually the case that I know to control my sentiments. He provides the beverage. She says you know my response, much obliged. She leaves. He claims that you are unaware of the fact that I love you even more now, that I cannot avoid you, that I cannot lose you, and that Anurag cannot enter your life again.

Anurag awakens in the morning. The door is opened by Komolika. He opens the entryway. He says No doubt, I don’t recollect the evening, fail to remember it. She responds with “yes,” “forget it; the matter is the same,” and “I know you are afraid that I am upset.” He changes and comes. He says its called extortion marriage. She states, “I simply desired this from you.” He says I could do precisely that. She says I need power, I would rather not get into adoration, I realize what occurs with darlings, lets discuss work, what did Sudeep say. He gets Chatterjee’s call. He affirms, “I’m coming.” He informs me that I will meet with an investor. He goes. He requests that Kaushik come quick with him.

Kuki accompanies everyone. She states, “I missed you father.” I agree with Bajaj. He goes with them to breakfast. He claims that I greatly missed this. Veena claims Prerna brought us here. He states, “I wanted to meet you all, I don’t think she did anything wrong. If she is here, it’s better for her family to stay with her.” I’m done, Shivani declares. She leaves. As she watches, Prerna declares, “I will just come.” He declares, “I hope you are aware of Prerna’s achievement party.”

Mahesh affirms. He is asked to eat more by Kuki. Someone will be shocked if Mr. Bajaj says, “I’m done.” Did you read the newspaper? Komolika learns about Prerna’s business transaction. She yells at Anurag.

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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